Confused Birds

Yesterday morning, as I was making tea in the kitchen, I could hear loud cheeping coming from the direction of the Oak tree in the back garden. I leaned across the sink to look out of the window, and saw a colourful Blue Tit fly across from the fence and land on the nest-box that is fixed to the tree. It was bobbing its head in and out of the hole, before flying off again.

Ever since we have lived here, we have had Blue Tits using the nest-box every Spring, but never before in late December.

I can only conclude that the birds are confused by the change in the weather brought about by global warming.

Now I am hoping that the chicks can survive a potentially harsh Winter.

40 thoughts on “Confused Birds

  1. Here just in the twenty years we have lived in New England we observe similar changes. We talked yesterday with a parks worker trying to fill a pond for skating. He said it had been several years without it freezing up once. New England without frozen ponds is odd indeed. Remember Frost’s “between the woods and frozen lake, the darkest evening of the year.”

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  2. Pete, it’s so sad that climate change is politicized – any change in climate impacts everyone, including nature – so if these birds cannot adapt to a change in weather patterns it is bad news indeed…

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