Boxing Day Sunday Musings

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 25th. It was a relaxed day here in Beetley, with present opening for me, followed by a very quiet (and cold) dog walk with Ollie. Hardly anyone was out and about at lunchtime, and we only saw one other dog being walked. It has still been raining, so the mud was bad.


Remember when Christmas morning we would see excited children out on the street? Riding new bikes or scooters, falling over as they tried out new skates, or walking in family groups in their best new clothes on their way to visit family or friends.
Well that never seems to happen anymore, certainly not in Beetley.


Ollie loved getting his wrapped presents. He was so excited, running in circles, jumping up and smelling the parcels. It was easy to forget he is almost 10 now, as he was like a small puppy again. He got a plush grey squirrel, a cow that squeaks and crackles, a ‘Nemo’ type stuffed fish, a hedgehog in a spiky ball, a squeaky hot dog in a bun, and a rubber squeaky Christmas Tree. Later on he was so worn out, he slept soundly all evening.


I did well too. A lovely heavy plush dressing gown and real sheepskin ankle-boot slippers. (Both being worn as I type this.) Three different bottles of red wine. (I had the Malbec last night.) Two boxes of chocolate-covered Brazil Nuts and two packets of pistachios. A pair of very nice stemless wine goblets, and a paperback book.


We went out to the restaurant for our Christmas meal at 2:30 pm. It was great food, and served piping hot. There were three courses, and Julie couldn’t finish her cheese board selection at the end, asking for it to be boxed up to bring home. We were the last to leave, and got home just before 4:30.


Today is called Boxing Day in England. This explains why.

The name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants – a day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters.The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families.

I will be cooking a traditional roast Sunday dinner later, and we have a lot to do to prepare for a long day tomorrow with guests coming from around 2pm.


Life returns to normal on the 28th.


64 thoughts on “Boxing Day Sunday Musings

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. So happy to hear that Ollie had a good time. he was certainly spoiled. Not sure why I was not sent an email with your posts. It says I am already subscribed.

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    1. Still nothing from Kim. Her emails come back as address unknown, and Fraggle tried emailing her too. First Michel, and now Kim, two disappearing bloggers in the same year. They both said they were having blogging breaks, but they turned out to be worryingly long ones.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s been rather hectic here with all the family, but the red tail lights finally disappeared out of the driveway last night. Sam and I then spent a couple of hours clearing up, and now we’re back to normal I hope. You’re right in that you don’t see kids out in the streets on their new bikes these days – they’re probably goggling at video games in their bedrooms instead. Sad really.

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    1. I haven’t seen any kids out playing for three days now. Mind you, it has been raining every day, but that wouldn’t have stopped me when I was young. I expect they got new phones or games consoles, but fresh air is important too.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Ah, what a lovely Boxing Day! Ollie has so many new toys. It’s sad that children aren’t outside playing with their new toys. Pete, sheepskin slippers are the best and the warmest. They last forever. Happy Boxing Day to you!

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  4. Sounds like a good time was had by all! I have never yet wrapped a present for my cats but I was so happy to hear you did for Ollie! And I only just learned where Boxing Day came from. I’d always assumed it had some political background.

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  5. We gave the grandchildren, the ones over 8, books, and they loved them. Imagine children 8 and 10 reading instead of plastering their face in an iPad or phone. It was hot here in Texas; 85 yesterday and 83 today, not what we are used to at Christmas. Flip flop sandals, shorts, and tee-shirts, we may as well have been in Arizona. Best wishes for the holiday.

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    1. Thanks Phil. It was 3C and raining here. (37F) 85F at Christmas is unknown here.
      It is rarely that hot, even in summer.
      We wil see the grandchildren tomorrow, when we have 8 for dinner! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Mmm, I’m somewhat mystified . . Does Ollie unwrap his presents himself or do you Pete, having wrapped them yourself then unwrap them . . And do you invite his excitement by saying things like “whass e got then, oose a lucky boy, where’s your cow?” And, how do you select his wrapping paper, do you seal with ribbon or scotch tape?
    So many more queries I have yet to submit . .

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    1. Julie wraps them, then says “Is this for you? Is this Ollie’s”. Those trigger words are enough to send him into a tailspin.
      Hope you and Christine had a lovely day, old friend.
      Love as ever, Pete. X


  7. I still remember that Christmas Day when my parents gave me a bicycle. They had played things down before and I had expected nothing much. In fact, I had told them that I’d be happy with just a football. And then … THAT surprise: a shining brand new bicycle with a three speed hub! 🙂

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  8. (1) Never say “mud dummy” around a child. The fearful child will seal his/her lips as tightly as possible!
    (2) I’ve received a bicycle twice for Christmas. The first one was a black Huffy street bike. I was in elementary school at the time. When I was in junior high, I found a “banana bike” under (or rather, parked beside) the tree. I rode it on a trail in the woods, jumped over ravines, and practiced going in circles “no hands” on the street.
    (3) Riding “no hands” in circles was fun, but I was still disappointed that none of my Christmas presents included a plush grey squirrel, a cow that squeaks and crackles, a “Nemo” type stuffed fish, a hedgehog in a spiky ball, a squeaky hot dog in a bun, or a rubber squeaky holiday tree.
    (4) Brazilian nuts always get excited when watching old Globeleza commercials. “Ooh! Nice gobelets!”
    (5) “It was great food, and served piping hot.” I don’t if it’s because of winter, or because my hot water heater is no longer up to the task, but my pipes are not delivering hot water..
    (6) i like Bach Sing Day. He wrote some great tunes, but I have to come up with the lyrics…
    (7) It’s always normal in Normal, Illinois.

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