A Hole In The Blogging Community

As I was waking up on Chistmas morning, ready to make tea, and unwrap gifts, something happened that left a hole in our blogging community that will remain forever unfilled.

Three hundred miles to the north of Beetley, Mary Smith passed away peacefully, in Scotland.

Few bloggers can hope to leave behind the legacy that Mary has. An incredibly interesting life, lived to the full. Books and short stories that show us other cultures and lifestyles, as well as her love of the history of her home town of Dumfries.

Humour, wit, and warmth, even as she endured debilitating treatment for cancer and took us along with her on her final journey.

Mary was a blogger’s blogger. Engaging on posts, leaving comments, sharing on social media, always there to help and encourage anyone.

Rest in peace, dear Mary. Surrounded by the love of your family, and your many blogging friends.

Her family kindly let us know, posting the last ever post on her blog.


70 thoughts on “A Hole In The Blogging Community

  1. So very sad. Mary was a special person indeed and will be missed by so many. She sent her cousin, who lives in Canada, to see me at a book signing there. Mary even sent a card along from her that she gave to the cousin while in Scotland. I also got to meet her in person in August. She is as wonderful in person as on the page. Thanks for the lovely tribute.

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  2. This is really very sad for everyone who knew her and followed her blog.
    It touches me a lot, although I have only known her blog since the last report from you about her.

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  3. Mary kept in touch with me by e-mail until the end with encouragement for my girls and me always kind even though she herself was going through her treatment…I am so sad at her passing a lovely compassionate lady who will be so missed by many including me and my girls x

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  4. Mary touched many lives through her blog. I always found her work inspirational and her posts touching and thoughtful. Many blessings and happy memories to her family.

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  5. Although I did not know Mary, my condolences and prayers are with her family and friends, such as you. I took time to go and read her posts and learn more of her. I’m sad I never knew her and sad that she leaves behind a hole for so many.

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  6. “My output would be much greater if it were not for my addiction to spider solitaire.” (Mary Smith)
    Seems to me Mary Smith did quite well with the amount of output for which she is known. I frequently play Spider Solitaire, though my favorite free computer games are Chess Titans and FreeCell. I hope Mary Smith is continuing to play her favorite game in the afterlife (if there is one), and that she is keeping watch over her faithful readers.

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    1. She had such an intereresting life, and she wrote about it with great intelligence and wit. As well as her blog, she also published some fascinating books about her working life in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She touched all our hearts, Carolyn.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. From reading that piece of hers you posted about Afghanistan I can see that I would love her writing. If I ever get through the enormous pile of books I currently have, I will look forward to reading hers.

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  7. I was sorry to read this Pete. I didn’t follow Mary, but always read her comments on your posts, and I did go and read her cancer diary which was pretty amazing. She came across as an extremely intelligent, compassionate person and with a great sense of humour. She will be sorely missed by here family and the blogging community.

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  8. Not a post to ‘like’, but thank you for passing on the news, Pete. From what you say, her passing was as stress-free as it could have been, in the circumstances, which is all any of us could ask for. Cheers, Jon.

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  9. Mary was my vdery first online friend way back in 2012, when I discovered her books about Afghanistan. She had an amazing life. Then her blog posts about coping with her dear father who had Alzheimer’s with wee sis. I copied her DH for Dear Husband and then came the cancer diaries a step by step of her treatment. She will be sorely missed as a kind compassionate lady with a gentle sense of humour. Go well Mary on your next journey. We will not forget you.

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    1. Thanks, Lucinda. I started to follow Mary’s ‘Goldfish’ blog about her father suffering from Alzheimer’s around that time too. Then I found her other blogs, bought her books, and often corresponded with her by email. I was going to meet her at one of the ‘Blogger’s Bash’ events, but my dog was ill, so I didn’t go. I will always regret that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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