Slip Slidin’ Away

Walking with Ollie today, I was reminded of the old Paul Simon Song. Not that it has anything to do with dog-walking of course.

No, it was because the mud is back with a vengeance, and I was definitely slip-slidin’ away, even in my stout wellington boots. Although we have had no snow yet, and only one ‘car window-scraping’ hard frost, we have had a lot of rain. Over the past week, it has often rained for 12-16 hours a day, and I can’t actually remember the last day when there was no rain at all.

They (the weather reporters) say it’s the warmer weather, caused by a nice video graphic swirling around in the Atlantic Ocean that is sucking up warm air from North Africa, and turning it into rain. (Something like that, but the graphic looked good on the weather report) It seems to be in a cyclical pattern, and definitely visiting the east of England on its cycle. Beetley is in the east of England, only 26 miles from the point that says ‘Next Stop, Holland’.

(Across the North Sea, so you will need a boat of some kind)

So as usual, we have had a lot of rain. Rain eventually makes earth become mud. Rain swells the local river so that it overflows onto the paths, creating more mud. Then the mud stops supporting the roots of the trees on the riverbank, and they fall into, or across, the small river. The trees in the water cause the river to overflow even more, adding slick new mud on top of the old thick mud.

Now that’s what I call ‘Cyclical’.

Altogether now, try to keep up with Paul…

57 thoughts on “Slip Slidin’ Away

  1. Rain is always wonderful used to visualize romantic feelings, but as i remember its very rare to have it connected with the reality of coldness and mud. Incidentally, I recently really wondered how many different types of cheese are produced in England. You can definitely take on Holland/ the Netherlands. 😉 xx Michael

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    1. ‘There are more than 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK. From Cheddar to Cheshire, Brie to Stilton, there are very few cheeses that are not made within the British Isles.’
      Rain has no romance for me, Michael. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The ground has yet to freeze here, so we are surrounded by mud also. Emmy is the first dog we have owned who loves mud. She is blissful when she sits at the back door, mud on her nose, her paws, her tummy waiting to be let in.

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  3. Rain, rain and more rain here in Lancashire Pete. I have the same issues walking my dogs, slip sliding everywhere. You do know I will have that song in my head all day now. We tend to get snow in Jan & Feb so roll on Spring.

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  4. It is our first day above freezing for about a week and the snow has started to melt so we will have our fair share of mud to deal with soon, deep joy. Although the freeze will be back for the weekend, so it may be delayed or we will have frozen mud 🙂

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  5. Very appropriate song Pete… we have been slip, sliding away for most of the year but we got extra gifts over Christmas.. I have a hankering for my own swimming pool so that I could exercise in private and Santa must have heard because there was one right outside the front door on Christmas morning. Over here we have terms such as Arctic plume, Tropical plume that are trotted out on a regular basis usually fleeting and misnamed! Happy New Year.. XX

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  6. You know your songs, Pete. How appropriate for miserable weather. Simon and Garfunkel used weather, most often winter, in their songs. ” And the moon rose over an open field.” One can see that site while traveling through the wheat fields of Kansas, or perhaps the UK. Nice post. Still miserable here in SW Texas, rain New Year’s Eve, then cold, then reprieve. Looking forward to a new year of 2022. But we may not recognize it. My best to Ollie.

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  7. We are having extremely warm weather for late December….last night it was 71 at midnite……lots of fog and little rain…..MoMo does not like the fog her smell is off and she gets antsey…chyq

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