Our Last Christmas Present

Every year, one of Julie’s twin daughters gets us a delivery of an English High Tea as a Christmas gift. With all the eating and socialising over Christmas, we always choose to have this delivered later, in this case, today.

Piglet’s Pantry is a very reliable company, delivering on time, and everything freshly made and very well-packaged. We are actually going to have this for our evening meal later, as Julie was at work when it was delivered.

This version of a High Tea does away with sandwiches, which is fine in my book. We get Sausage Rolls in two varieties, an indiviual Quiche each, and two delicious hand-made Scotch Eggs. The sweet stuff comprises four delicious bar cakes in assorted flavours, and a Fruit Scone each, accompained by clotted cream and jam. To round it off, they supply two tea bags of their own special blend.

Julie is having a mini-bottle of Prosecco with hers, and I will be on red wine as usual.

Our special tiered tea plate comes out for the occasion, and this is what it all looks like.

Savoury selection.

Sweet selection.

(Photos from Julie’s phone.)

85 thoughts on “Our Last Christmas Present

  1. (Sorry, accidentally hit „post“ too early there.)

    My mom and her siblings did something similar for my grandma when I was a kid. She‘d told them at some point that she had all the worldly „for keeps“ goods she could ever wish for, so instead every Christmas they filled a basket with a selection of her favorite food; everything from luxury items to everyday stuff, and my grandma really loved it.

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  2. (1) “…we always choose to have this delivered later, in this case, today.” No picture of the case was included in your post!
    (2) I’ve never eaten Scotch eggs, but I heard that all the King’s horses and all the King’s men tried to put Humpty Dumpty together again with Scotch tape.
    (3) If you loan me the quiche to your house, I’ll come in quietly tonight and eat the rest of your present.
    (4) Piglet’s Pantry employs three little pigs. I just hope the local weather doesn’t huff and puff and blow the place down.
    (5) I have a cream thinner available if you wish to unclot the cream. Otherwise, you and Julie may find yourself in a jam this evening.

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      1. A friend sent me a link for a Youtube 90 second video. It is also very creative. Type in Fancy Restaurant Watch While You wait….it’s something positive and sweet…which I find myself needing!

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          1. Yes, Victoria used to pride itself on being “more British than the British.” That Empress Hotel high tea continues to this day (pandemic allowing, of course). It’s quite expensive, so is usually a special occasion when one has visitors from elsewhere.

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