My Blog Name: A Clarification

Since it is new year, and I have a lot of new followers, I thought it was about time to explain my blog name once again.

My first name is Pete. (Well, Peter. But I prefer Pete.)

Beetley is a place, a village in Norfolk near the town of Dereham, in the east of England. Here is proof.

Beetley is not my surname.

It has nothing to do with beetle insects, Volkswagen Beetle cars, or the English band The Beatles.

It is derived from an ancient Anglo-Saxon word, ‘Betel'(also ‘Bietel’), meaning a wooden mallet or hammer. This area was known for the production of Oak hammers and mallets during the Anglo-Saxon period. (410AD until 1066AD)

So when I started this blog in 2012, I chose the name of where I live, and my first name, coming up with ‘Beetleypete’.

Not very exciting or inventive, but there you go.

68 thoughts on “My Blog Name: A Clarification

  1. I love learning about the name you use. Pejj comes from my being Pamela Jean and then PJ thought school years, then my young Malaysian room mate in college slid the sound of the P and J together as Pejj! It was “Hey! Pejj! quite often! I was in my mid thirties then. I became room mate/friend/ proxy Mom to Miss Su Fang Tham.

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  2. My given name is also Peter, but I prefer Pete. All of my friends call me Pete. My mom was the only one who regularly called me Peter, but that felt normal too. I have a friend named Peter, but most of his friends call him Pete as well. He and I refer to each other as Pete and Repeat.

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    1. My mum also called me Peter, and many of my older relatives still do. It was a common name in 1952 when I was born, though rarely given as a name since the 1980s. When I first started as an EMT, there were 5 of us called Pete, out of just 14 staff on a small sub-station. We had to use initials instead, so I became known as PJ. All of my ex-colleagues still call me that now.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. “It has nothing to do with beetle insects, Volkswagen Beetle cars, or the English band The Beatles.” It has everything to do with Beadle Lee, a distant cousin of Friar Tuck, who once roamed the area with a gang of merry men.

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        1. There is no industry in Beetley at all. Other than a dog-groomer and Thai restaurant, there is a garden centre and a small holiday park of mobile homes. That’s it. I presume they sold the fertiliser to local farms here. There are a lot of those.

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    1. I had lived all my life in England, and until I saw this house advertised online, I had never heard of Beetley either. But I had heard of (and been to) Dereham, which is three miles to the south.
      Thanks, Wrookie.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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