Danny: Part Twenty-One

This is the twenty-first part of a fiction serial, in 725 words.

The weekend gave me some relief from the unwanted callers, and I got to take Toni out for a burger and milkshake, followed by sitting under a shelter in the park because it was raining. She didn’t stop talking about how much her mum liked me.

“Oh, she thinks you’re great, Danny. Says I should stick with you because you are solid and loyal. She actually said I would never find anyone better than you, if I live to be a hundred”.

If only she had known the truth.

When I walked her home and said goodnight, I hadn’t got far before Maria caught me up. She was holding a shop-bought fruit cake, her excuse to come out and talk to me. As I took the cake, she grinned. “I will be around for the money on Monday. That fat bitch Kerry hasn’t paid up, so you can kiss goodbye to your share. Still, I have some better-off women lined up for you, so I do”. I wanted to punch her in the face, but just smiled.

Uncle Brian was walking on eggshells around me. But he cooked a great Sunday dinner the next day, a half-leg of lamb with all the trimmings. The unwanted contact with the Malone family had really shaken him up, and he hated having to work the two to ten shift because nobody on that shift line spoke to him. He was starting to see what the life of a known sex abuser was like, out in the real world.

Maria turned up just after six on that Monday. “So Sandy gave you forty, right? You can keep fifteen, and give me the rest. As for Kerry, when she pays up I will be keeping it all. I don’t like having to wait for me money. Someone else is coming round after seven. Look after her, she’s a lawyer, and a good friend to my family. She will give you a hundred, and I will be back for my share tomorrow. Have yerself a nice bath first, and make sure yer bed has clean sheets”.

I nodded, and handed over the twenty-five pounds.

When the lawyer turned up, I was at a loss as to why she felt the need to pay for sex. She was forty-something, smartly dressed, surprisingly curvy, and very good looking. She was also wearing a wedding ring, and an expensive-looking diamond engagement ring. To tell the truth, I really fancied her. She was businesslike, producing five twenties as soon as she walked through the door, and not telling me her name.

As soon as we got into the bedroom, I discovered why she had to pay for the sex she wanted. She had a serious kink.

“Okay, you call me mummy while I’m here. Just go along with whatever I say or do, and we will both have a nice time”.

She was well-spoken, and wearing expensive underwear. Obviously used to taking charge of the situation, she chatted to me as if I was her son, and then did things mums and sons rarely do. At least in my experience. Even though I did have a nice time, as she said I would, the strange scenario she stage-managed was very off-putting. When she left, I was hoping she never came back.

The next day after school, Maria showed up as she had said she would. “Well, you did very well with the lawyer. I got a bonus for that, so you can keep sixty”.

Having Maria alone for a while as I went to get the forty pounds, I started to implement my plan. Hard as it was to carry off, I told her I missed her, and while it was all very nice that she was sending her friends and contacts around to have sex with me, it was her I really wanted. The flattery worked, and she said I could go to her house once Toni was not in the country.

“She’s off to see family in Ireland in December. You can come round one day then, so you can”. She was stroking my face and smiling at me as she stuffed the money into the pocket of her jeans with the other hand.

Vanity was going to be her downfall, and I didn’t have too long to wait until the Christmas holidays.

39 thoughts on “Danny: Part Twenty-One

  1. (1) Maria told Toni that she wouldn’t find anyone better than Danny, even if she lived to be a hundred. What she didn’t tell Toni was that her dreamboat (who didn’t believe in rushing things) planned to attend her 101st birthday party…in the event she made it to that ripe old age.
    (2) “Uncle Brian was walking on eggshells around me.” Which begs the question, why did Danny surround himself with eggshells?
    (3) Overheard during a debate on the aliens inhabiting LV-426:
    Ellen Ripley: “God damn it, that’s not all! Because if one of those things gets down here then that will be all! Then all this – this bullshit that you think is so important, you can just kiss all that goodbye!”
    Maria Malone: “You’re right! That fat mother bitch needs to pay up! You want my advice? Make the queen xenomorph pay by torching all her eggs! Otherwise, it’s game over, man! Game over!”
    (I hope Ellen and Maria’s bad language doesn’t alienate you, Pete. I’m just the messenger.)
    (4) Uncle Brian “was starting to see what the life of a known sex abuser was like, out in the real world.” It all started with the “Abusive Sex Sign-Up Sheet” posted on the wall. Uncle Brian never wanted to be that popular!
    (5) My neighbor told me that he missed summer camp back in his boy scout days. He swore that kinky female lawyers who wore diamond rings and expensive undergarments, and who preyed mercilessly upon underage boys, were all the rage back then. In fact, that’s why he joined the boy scouts in the first place!
    (6) Always avoid terms of flattery when chatting up a flat-chested woman.
    (7) Did you hear about the husband who missed his wife? He should have purchased a double-barrel shotgun instead of a cheap pistol.
    (8) I hope Danny doesn’t expect anything from Santa this year. He’s been a naughty boy!

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