Sunday Musings In A Sunny January

‘Sunny January’ continues unabated in Beetley. Unusually bright weather for the time of year, accompanied by frosty mornings, and foggy evenings. The sun is so low in the sky, and so unbelievably bright, we have to keep the curtains closed until it moves around after midday.
Not complaining, as it hasn’t rained for days!


Ollie’s recent trip to the Vet seems to have kick-started some recovery. Going back on the steroids and ear drops has stopped him shaking his head, and his fur is starting to regrow, albeit far too slowly for my liking.


Julie has been ‘decluttering’ with a vengeance. Seven bags of ‘stuff’ taken to the charity shops last week, and six more to go in the car to be dropped off next week. Most of it was clothes that no longer fit her, as she has lost weight with a change of Diabetes medication. Much of ‘the stuff’ was brand new with tags, so never worn.
There’s a lesson there, somewhere.


After shifting some storage boxes that have remained untouched in the main bedroom, we were horrified to discover that tiny carpet beetle larvae have eaten away large areas of the bedroom carpet. Okay, so it is very old, (long before we moved in, probably laid in the 1990s) and is the only flooring we haven’t changed since we moved into the house. But now we have to face spraying the area, to stop the larvae spreading onto the good carpet in other rooms. Then we will have to replace the carpet as soon as is practical to do so.
It never ends.


Cutrently, it seems that our Prime Minister may well survive the recent scandals around his leadership. Conversely, I actually think that might be a good thing, as it will give him time to act the clown and upset the electorate even more before the next general election. If someone who knows what they are doing succeeds him now, I might well be stuck with a repulsive right-wing government until my dying day.


Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. The sun is still shining in Beetley!
(A bit, through this morning’s cloud.)


45 thoughts on “Sunday Musings In A Sunny January

  1. (1) January Jones has a sunny personality, and it’s not Unknown to the locals that she lives in a Glass House and is often seen Full Frontal as she goes about her day. Residents of Beetley often shout things at the house. But that’s not because they hate her. It’s Love Actually. They shout, “We love you, Jan!” Yes, everyone supports January Jones. She’s brought Unity to Beetley!
    (2) To inspire Ollie to accelerate his fur growth, buy him a Chia Pet.
    (3) I can almost hear Julie’s clitter-clatter about what to declutter.
    (4) Carpet beetles are known for carpet bombing. Had you put your ear to the floor, you would have heard the explosions.
    (5) Parliament: “If he acts the clown, Boris won’t bore us.”
    (6) I woke up this morning to singing carpet beetles. They were singing, “Here comes the sun!” And that’s alright with me.

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  2. You are right…it never ends…my heating bill seems to have doubled and with such cold weather lately, it is through the roof. Then we have the washer that doesn’t wash and the dryer that doesn’t dry…..but here too the sun is out.

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    1. My washer still washes, and my drier stil dries. But the cost of 500 litres of heating oil jumped from £223 last time, to £360 when delivered on the 30th of December.
      And now we have the cost of the new carpet to consider. That might have to wait until the Spring, once we have sprayed the bug larvae next week!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. This is from Diamond Geezers blog:
    Having been in power for precisely 2½ years (technically 2 years, 183 days) Boris is the 38th longest-serving of our 55 Prime Ministers. He’s already outpaced such heavyweights as Sir Anthony Eden (1 year, 279 days), Sir Alec Douglas-Home (363 days) and Andrew Bonar Law (211 days). He has to survive another 20 weeks to overtake Gordon Brown, 24 weeks to overtake Neville Chamberlain, 28 weeks to overtake Theresa May and until February 2031 to overtake Margaret Thatcher.
    That should cheer you up this Sunday Pete!

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    1. I hope he hangs around long enough to tell more lies and make an even bigger balls-up. That might be what is needed to get rid of the Tories next time. (But I’m not holding my breath.)
      Cheers, David.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Tiny white things in areas of the carpet. Julie spent ages removing each one with tweezers yesterday, dropping them into a dish of raw bleach to kill them. We have ordered a special spray that arrives on Monday, but the carpet will have to go soon, as it is too badly damaged now. Serve us right for leaving storage boxes in place, and not moving them around!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. The sun has just started to shine here, 10cm on snow on the ground, drifts of half a meter, I have already taken to tractor up the road to clear a path for the car so we can go and visit family on ‘Grandparents Day’ going to be -17c tonight so I hope we get back early 🙂
    Good to hear that Ollie is on the mend now, enjoy your walk in the sun today 🙂

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