Danny: Part Twenty-Five

This is the twenty-fifth part of a fiction serial, in 795 words.

Life continued to calm down, and I carried on doing well at school. On my sixteenth birthday, Uncle Brian bought me a fancy watch with a metal bracelet. He told me it was the one James Bond wore.

Like I believed that for a second.

He was still being bullied at work, both mentally and physically. I suggested that he change jobs. For one thing, the local bus companies were looking for drivers, and the pay wasn’t far removed from what he was earning. I was surprised by his response.

“I won’t let those bastards beat me, Daniel. They can push me around, steal my food, refuse to answer me when I talk to them. But I am what I am, and it’s too late to change that now. If I stick it out, they will eventually get tired of it”. I was impressed by his optimistic outlook, but thought he had really missed the point.

They would never give up. It wasn’t going to go away.

I had whittled down my female visitors to two regulars by then, including Sandy. With eighty pounds a week coming in from their visits, I now had well over two grand, even allowing for treating myself to a new X-Box, and some nice clothes. I only had two years to wait, and then everything would get so much better.

Then we got a new Games teacher.

Mr McCarthy replaced the much younger Mr Addison. He had got married, and was moving to New Zealand, so the rumour had it. McCarthy was a very different animal. Late forties, ex-drill instructor in the army, and in every way possible, a complete bastard.

Yes, he was hard on us in Football and Rugby. As for P.E., he would run you ragged until you collapsed. But that was only the half of it. When it came to shower time, he was there. Perving over the naked boys as they showered, then turning to watch them as they got dressed by the lockers next door. He showed undue interest in a couple of us, including me.

Uncle Brian had told me enough about the signs and indications over the years, so I immediately realised his intentions. Dominic was a quiet boy, studious, and no trouble. McCarthy would pick on him during class in the gym, and whatever we were doing, Dom was never good enough at it. But when he received no reciprocal signals from Dominic, he transferred his affections to me. I knew all about signals from Brian, so it was easy to lead McCarthy on.

His time in this life was limited from the first time he winked at me.

Managing to divert his attention from Dominic, I soon had the horrible man on the hook. Like a lot of them, he was married, and even had a daughter at university. And also like a lot of them, he led a double life of abusing teenage boys, I instinctively knew that. At the age of sixteen, strictly speaking we were legal. But that didn’t apply to teachers, who had a duty of care to their pupils.

Not only would they lose their jobs, they would almost certainly get a custodial sentence in prison.

But that was never going to be enough for my liking. Not for McCarthy.

He managed to instigate first contact by stopping his car to offer me a lift into school one day. I later found out he lived in the opposite direction, so had clearly looked up my address and cruised around until he spotted me. McCarthy wasn’t very original, pulling the seat belt across me after I got in, to get as close as possible, then allowing his hand to brush my leg every time he changed gear.

“You got a girlfriend at school, Daniel? A good-looking boy like you must have your pick of the girls”. I told him I didn’t have a girlfriend, then for good measure I added that I found girls a bit silly, and not that interesting to be around. He told me that his wife was boring, and he had been pleased to see his daughter leave to go to university as she was lazy and argumentative.

“I would have preferred a son. Someone like you would have been good, Daniel”.

When he dropped me off, I asked him if he wanted to give me a lift home later, and I would meet him at the back of the school grounds so nobody would see me getting in his car. I told him my uncle was at work until at least ten, and he could stay for a cup of tea if he wanted.

He could hardly speak with excitement, and his throat sounded dry.

“That would be lovely. Thank you”.

36 thoughts on “Danny: Part Twenty-Five

  1. Another one ready to be a victim. The good thing about Danny is that he rids the world of evil. BTW, we’re watching The Repair Shop as the major snowstorm blankets Massachusetts.

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  2. And the body count continues to rise! I’m becoming a little hardened by this series, as I’m looking forward to Danny’s creative killings, and guessing how he might do away with this one. Does that make me bad? I think so! Hugs, C

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    1. Well, let’s examine that, Beth. The baby sister was helpless. The bully at school was boastful. and didn’t suspect Danny. The girl hung in the tree wanted to steal him from Toni. Maria was a sex-trafficking criminal who thought she was in control, and the paedophile teacher is overwhelmed by lust.
      So I agree they are easy targets, because of those selfish reasons.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. (1) Danny was correct. The fancy watch Uncle Brian gave him was not James Bond’s. It was Dick Tracy’s.
    (2) Bad citation: “I won’t let those bastards beat me, Daniel. I don’t care if they push me around, steal my food, or refuse to answer me when I talk to them. But they sure as hell better not squeeze my Charmin!”
    (3) “I had whittled down my female visitors to two regulars by then,” said Treebeard. (Never give a libertine Ent a knife.)
    (4a) The new Games teacher was a very different animal. Addison was a centaur. McCarthy was a minotaur.
    (4b) McCarthy was, in every way possible, a completely inglorious basterd.
    (5) McCarthy wasted his time with Dominic. Dominic belonged to God.
    (6) McCarthy managed to instigate first contact by beating Zefram Cochrane in the development of warp drive. Unfortunately, McCarthy made first contact with Tribbles instead of with Vulcans.
    (7) McCarthy allowed his hand to brush Danny’s leg every time he changed gears. Danny was proud of his hairy legs, but would have preferred the use of a comb.
    (8) “Boer ring!” complained McCarthy. “That’s what my wife slipped on my finger at the wedding! It was a ring passed down by her Dutch-speaking ancestors in South Africa!”

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