The Last Sunday Musings For January

The first month of 2022 is almost behind us, and February beckons. It is not a leap year, so just the 28 days to come.

We bought a new vacuum cleaner this week. I think all the cleaning after decluttering finished off the cordless one, even though it wasn’t that old. The replacement has a bigger dust collection bin, so won’t need as many trips to empty it during cleaning.


Ollie has a few more days of tablets to complete his course. His fur is visibly growing back now, and has less patches. But it has some way to go yet before he looks ‘normal’.


With daytime temperatures varying between 1C and 15C in the same week, the strange winter weather continues. Some parts of Britain have experienced 80 mph winds, but they haven’t got as far south as Beetley just yet.


It took until Thursday the 27th for everyday life to return after Christmas and new year. By everyday life I of course mean bin collections, which are now back to their normal days. I no longer have to look at an online waste collection calendar to work out which day the dustmen are coming.


That same day, Thursday, all Covid-19 restrictions finished officially in England. No more compulsory masks, except for medical premises and on London Transport. It is too early to say yet if millions are abandoning mask-wearing, and flocking to crowded events. And quiet Beetley is no benchmark for that research of course. As for us, we will be continuing to wear masks in closed public spaces like shops, and on any public transport. After all, people are still dying every day from the virus.

Just on Friday alone, 277 people in England died from it.


Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, and stay safe.


49 thoughts on “The Last Sunday Musings For January

  1. Thanks God, the restrictions on your site are away. Here they are discussing a vaccine obligation, and about Russia. 🙂 Great to hear about the recovery of Ollie’s fur. He has not to hurry, because the fur will completely be back for strolling on Beetley beach. xx Michael

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  2. Hi Pete, I wonder if lifting all the C-19 restrictions will make a difference to the infection rate in the UK. It seemed very high anyway. I don’t understand the issue with wearing a mask, I am very happy to wear one and feel anxious without it now.

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  3. (1) 28 days? That reminds me of a film: “Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.’ #28DaysLater
    (2) The new vacuum cleaner has a bigger dust collection bin. That’s a solution in search of a problem. To solve it, you need to create a lot more dust!
    (3) An injured person needs to get patched up. Ollie is healthier without patches.
    (4) “Some parts of Britain have experienced 80 mph winds, but they haven’t got as far south as Beetley just yet.” Calculate the distance between you and the northern part of Britain being hammered by the winds. If it’s 80 miles away, then the winds will arrive in one hour. If it’s 120 miles away, 90 minutes. If it’s 160 miles away, two hours. #SimpleMath
    (5) Here in the States, we just wait for the much revered horseman to gallop through town crying, “The dustmen are coming! The dustmen are coming!”
    (6) Millions of people may be abandoning their masks, but I read a news report claiming that raccoons plan to keep on wearing theirs.
    (7) Today is a big deal for fans of American football. The AFC and NFC championship games will be played this afternoon. The winners will advance to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. If they advance any farther, they’ll end up in the Pacific Ocean.

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  4. Shall continue to wear a mask. What is the big deal after all. There was a big storm up the east coast here but all we had was a bit of wind and a few flurries. Just very very cold -17 C. Our temps go up and down too. ‘ Hugs to Ollie.

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  5. So much of this reminded me of getting back to “normal”…as you finish with, “normal” is still deadly, so we also are staying socially distanced, masked, and on guard…our huge wave of new cases has started to subside but why take risks now?

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    1. Boris is making a populist move to deflect from the pressure he is under over ‘Partygate’. He is hoping to court the ‘favour of the masses’ by opening up everything. People are stil dying, so we will be staying as safe as we possibly can.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Smart Pete…our neighbors, who were vaccinated and boosted early, both came down with it due to attending a birthday party…being around groups of people makes everything a superspreader event!

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  6. What people (and the government) Don’t get is that vaccines do NOT Prevent The transmission of the virus but they do greatly decrease hospital admissions by preventing the most serious disease

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    1. I know. I can only state what the NHS site says.
      ‘Died within 28 days of testing positive for Coronavirus’.
      I know of two people locally who have had relatives die of C-19 symptoms in the last month. Both were admitted to Intensive Care after displaying severe symptoms, and testing positive.They had also been fully vaccinated, but were elderly.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  7. Good to hear that Ollie is on the mend and that the bins are back to normal! We have a weekly collection and I cant remember if they stopped at all, but then I don’t put rubbish out every week, only once the bags are full.
    Still masking up here in Poland, I fear there is going to be quite a surge over here as vaccination hasn’t gone down too well with a distrustful populace. 😦

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  8. Still doing the mask thing here and at work, I wonder if my patients will refuse to wear one now, but I’m pretty persuasive 😊. The wind was even worse than storm Arwen, lots of damage and the like though we got off lightly here, my trees are still standing!

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    1. The wind dropped here last night, back to bright sunshine this morning.
      Masks are still supposed to be worn for medical appointments and procedures, so I think you should be able to insist in your job. Julie’s aunt is in hospital with a broken hip, and she is not allowed any visitors.
      Best wishes

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    1. We will carry on with masks for the foreseeable future.
      Our Council does have a good website, and they publish a waste calendar for bank holidays. But I have to keep remembering to check it.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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