Trouble Keeping Up

With the decluttering finally drawing to a close, (Six bags of my old clothes and shoes destined for the Charity Shops) I have had another busy weekend.

Now dinnertime is approaching this Sunday evening. I have had no spare time to write my next serial episode, and the posts of bloggers I follow keep arriving in my inbox.

So, I cannot keep up today.

Bear with me, and I will read and comment on all of your posts eventually.



43 thoughts on “Trouble Keeping Up

    1. I had a lot of ‘smart trousers’, GP. I had to wear then for my job in the Police, so accumulated a lot of pairs over 12 years. But now I have almost no occasion to wear them, I have whittled them down to three pairs. One black, one grey, one navy.
      There were also a lot of very old shirts that I had hung on to, intending to wear them ‘one day’. They have all gone now, together with a linen suit, and three pairs of hardly-worn black shoes. (I still have three pairs of ‘nice black shoes’.) 🙂 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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