Reply Received!

Following my recent post about an annoying television commercial, I received a reply to my complaint from the company concerned.
This was my post, if you didn’t see it.

Annoying Advertising

As you can see from the reply, they consider this advert to be ‘Distinctive’, rather than stupid and irritating.

I will give them credit for bothering to reply to my complaint, but I will still never buy anything from them.

Jasmin Hart
Hi Pete,

Thanks for getting in touch and leaving us some feedback.

We’re sorry that you’re finding our brand advertising annoying. Just like our amazing staff, creators and cards, our adverts are distinctive – we’ll give you that!

The good news is, we are a small business with tiny advertising budgets, so you won’t be inundated with this advert for much longer and it will be off air by 11th February. With such small budgets, it’s key we try and get as much attention as possible but clearly it hasn’t worked for you this time round.

As we are still a growing business we really appreciate you giving us feedback. I’ve passed your comments on to our marketing department to keep in mind for the future.


Jasmin Hart
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Customer Happiness Team
phone 020 8050 1462 email

56 thoughts on “Reply Received!

  1. Kudos to you for trying Pete, I’m amazed they bothered to respond, and tried to explain themselves. Budgeting issues? Interesting explanation for such an annoying ad! Maybe they’ll heed the feedback? xxoo, C

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  2. Oh yes – those adverts. First thought it was a mistake that it kept on repeating, but, uh, no, apparently not. The clicking, the facial expressions – adverts are tormenting enough already… Fair enough for a speedy reply though!

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  3. Good PR for replying, so many adverts are annoying I seem to be lucky that I can block them from memory (or is that old age) frustrates the heck out of my partner Sharon when I say “whats that for again”
    They will probably think they scored a hit by being so noticed regardless of annoyance factor.

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  4. As you say, at least they replied, although “Customer Happiness Team”, really? That would make me run a mile from the job, but then… Well, Pete, as you say, at least it’s only 10 days more. But I’ve also read (when talking about how much advertising you have to try and get for your books) that people need to see an ad quite a few times before they decide to buy. I would add, “or get sick and tired of it and hate the product”. Take care, Pete.

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  5. I applaud you for tackling them. Our senses and intelligence are insulted every day by profiteers. Reading between the lines (a dangerously misleading enterprise) should we conclude that the company has had many complaints and is cutting its losses? Never give up complaining!

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    1. Thanks, Pippa. I have long been a ‘complainer’, and now email makes it so much easier. However, it is rare to get a reply to an outright complaint that didn’t involve a product purchase.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  6. I suppose the ad’s objective was to get people’s attention. It certainly achieved that goal. “Negative publicity can increase sales when a product or company is relatively unknown simply because it stimulates product awareness.” (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

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  7. The advert that makes me see red is one of the NHS Covid ads. According to it to help rid your home of any covid bugs just open your windows! Encouraging people to do that is completely insane. Bugs move on air currents. Do they honestly think that exposing your neighbours to your bugs is a good thing? Give me strength!!!!

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  8. As someone who once made her living creating television adverts for several years. It IS sad that so many sacrifice integrity for shock value. While my ads were local, I still made it a point to treat the clients and their messages as though they meant the world to the viewer. Paid off when I was nominated for an Emmy! No brag, just fact.

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  9. That little phrase “keep in mind”: I think that’s a euphemism that can be translated into an Anglo-Saxon expression which ends with the word “off” 😉 As you say though, credit to them for replying: not a given, these days. Cheers, Jon.

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