Sunday Musings In February

It has been one of those ‘speed-weeks’ for me. It hardly seems like my last Sunday Musings was posted, and here I am again. The week has passed by in a flash.

My regular routine was disrupted by finally having to get the brakes done on my car. Most of you may have read about what happened, but in case you missed it.

Keeping An Old Car Alive


The decluttering (sort-of) came to an end on Tuesday, when the last seven bags of clothes and shoes were dropped off at a local charity shop. We have used four different charity shops over the past couple of weeks, and spread the bounty around different causes. The lady at the last shop was very pleased to receive my donation of clothes and shoes, especially a two-piece suit still in its dry-cleaning bag. Apparently, they rarely get men’s clothing of good quality donated, so she saw that as a real bonus.


Ollie’s medication came to an end, and his fur has still not grown back completely. The last few weeks have seen him sleeping much more than usual, and it is plain to see his age is catching up on him. It will be his tenth birthday next Saturday, and his new toys have already arrived, and been placed out of sight.


The weather changed a lot this week. Strong wind arrived, cold and gusting. Despite above-freezing temperatures all week, that cold wind felt raw when I was out and about. Then last night, we seemed to be in some kind of ‘eye of the storm’, as gales and torrential rain lashed down on Beetley, keeping me awake on and off all night, and causing noises that upset Ollie, and had him barking loudly at 3 am. I had to get up to settle him.


That has passed now, leaving a dull, damp day that is completely uninspiring at the moment.


Our grand-daughter, Maeve, was two years old yesterday. There was a party to celebrate, at a venue in Wymondham. I didn’t go, as it would have meant leaving Ollie for too long. However, I think the noise of 18 very excited small children using a ball pit and soft-play castle was not something I regret missing. 🙂


I hope you all have a good Sunday, and that the weather is much nicer where you are.


49 thoughts on “Sunday Musings In February

  1. (1) If cars could talk: “C’mon, man! Gimme a brake!”
    (2) The entire Albanian Bikini Team donated their two-piece suits to the local charity shop. Now they call themselves the Albanian Altogethers.
    (3) It’s a fur piece from Beetley to Las Vegas. Maybe that could serve as a patch?
    (4) “Gales and torrential rain lashed down on Beetley,” Gale Storm usually comes Between Midnight and Dawn, and Gale Weathers is known to Scream throughout the day. (Note; Weathers trippiing is clumsiness; Weatherstripping is window dressing.)
    (5) A Dull Damp Day (DDD) is better than a Normal Nordic Night (NNN) when the winter sun stays below the horizon throughout the day.
    (6) The noise of 18 very excited small children using a ball pit is better than the silence of 18 large corpses in a Viking burial pit. I should point out, though, that the few Vikings that remain are looking to besiege soft-play castles.
    (7) Sunday was a hiking day for me. We hiked the 6.28-mile White Rock Loop in Red Rock Canyon. Lowest point on trail: 4429 ft. / 1350 m. Highest point on trail: 5453 ft. / 1662 m.

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  2. Pete, I am in California’s Napa Valley, enjoying wine and 70 degree clear days. The sound of hot air balloon floating overhead at 7a are a great way to remind me that I can’t complain, so I won’t!

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  3. Ball Pits and 18 little excited ones are something I avoid like the plague…lol…Sounds like a busy week for you, Pete… I’m sure Ollie will have a lovely birthday and enjoy his toys…as for the weather its been dull and cloudy mornings here unusually for this time of year but then the sun has appeared for the afternoons 🙂 Have a lovely week, Pete 🙂 x

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  4. It’s been quite a weather week for everyone. We’re still chipping away at the ice outside. Our granddaughter is also a Maeve, so I have a soft spot for her name. I highly recommend the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” by Bill Martin and also “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle for her next gifts (Christmas?) Just tell me if you don’t want my unsolicited suggestions. 🙂 Best to you, Pete. I’ll be thinking of Ollie on Saturday.

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    1. Your suggestions are fine, Jennie. Unfortunately, little Maeve is a ‘late developer, and she is being assessed for ‘unresponsive autism’. Reading is a dream, so far. It is very sad, but at least she is happy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It will be a brief affair on Saturday morning, when the new toys are presented. Then he will get something special for dinner in the afternoon. He is easily worn out these days, so I don’t want to over-excite him. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Always fun to hear what your up to. I went out and about yesterday with a friend, picked up meds, and more groceries. Found some frozen home made bread, to raise and cook, Alex loves it. Writing and research is going well, feel like I am in the swing of things there. More books came in. These will give me some insights about art therapy. I want to know the types and what they do. There are more therapies than I knew of. It is proving interesting to learn how they use the creative process. It is generating questions about how Shibui will function for therapist. I think working with a therapist might give me those answers. Have a great day!

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  6. Sometimes time flies by and sometimes you think the hand of the clock isn’t moving at all. 😉
    I’m glad that Ollie is feeling better.
    And the car too.

    From yesterday to today I had my little grandson with me, he is almost 2.5 years old. It was very nice, very exhausting and I was also a little happy when I brought him back to his parents.
    Now it’s quiet again in my apartment.

    It rains all day – only the sofa remains, with tea and a book.
    I wish you a relaxed Sunday.
    Best wishes, Irene

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    1. Small children can wear you out like a day of manual labour. My wife is exhausted today, after spending all day yesterday with her grandchildren.
      I hope you enjoy that book, Irene.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  7. Congrats to the granddaughter….Ollie is doing good is great news… here has been much the same…up and down…yesterday at 9pm it was 61 and by 6am it was 29…..lots of biting wind…..have a good day my friend…..chuq

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  8. Maeve is a lovely name. Small children are exhausting on their own, 18 would be a nightmare! We also had a turbulent night, still very windy now and I am sure the weatherman said on Friday that Sunday would be the best day of the weekend 🥶

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  9. My dad would also be happy to miss the small kid party and my sister would be upset and lacking in understanding. Her daughter is 3 years old. Having had Coco here for the day yesterday and watching all the ceaseless activity all day, I feel I could skip a party with 18 of these small bodies myself.

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