Serial Overview: Danny

With the publication of Part 38, my recent fiction serial, ‘Danny’, has now concluded.

As usual, I am giving an overview of its performance on the blog, and the writing process. This is only intended to be of interest to anyone considering doing something similar, or for anyone who enjoys reading about how such ideas become fiction serials.

It was one of my ‘longer’ serials, at 38 episodes. I tried to keep every part under 800 words, though did not always succeed in that. Like most-but not all-of my serials, I had the idea for the ending already written up in draft, and worked back from there. This time that involved a circlular route, arriving back close to where we began in Part One.

I am pleased to report that it was a very popular serial, attracting between 100 and 140 views for each episode. This despite its ‘dark’ theme, and some rather unpleasant details that had to be included, or at least alluded to. With views still coming in, a rough average of 125 views for each episode gives a current total of 4,750 views for the whole serial. This may well climb to 5,000 by the time any ‘binge-readers’ catch up at the weekend.

Engagement on comments and shares on social media were very good too, and there was a fair amount of ‘guessing’ by readers. Something I always enjoy.

Details of medical conditions and terminology, as well as Police evidential and Courtroom procedures were all correct as of 2012 when I retired, to the best of my knowledge. Most place names or locations were genuine, though I never mentioned where Danny lived. It is set in a town in the Midlands Region of England, not far from the East Coast. So you can take your pick from any of those.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who read the whole serial, and those of you who left comments, reblogged, or shared on Twitter or Facebook. Tomorrow, the whole serial will be posted as one complete story, for the benefit of readers who like to wait to read it as a novella.

The next serial will be coming soon. No murders this time! 🙂

33 thoughts on “Serial Overview: Danny

  1. It’s no surprise this serial got a lot of traction, you spoke about important yet daunting topics and that’s a feat in itself. You could easily become a best-selling author Pete 🙂

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