Mid-February Sunday Musings From Beetley

It has been a quieter week, and I am pleased about that.

More bright sunshine heralded every day. It was so nice one morning, I took Ollie out early, and managed some photos in decent light. If you didn’t see that post, here’s a link.

A Sunny February Morning With The Camera


That sunny and cold weather is set to change though. Heavy rain is arriving from the Atlantic Ocean, set to drench us later today, and during the coming week.


Ollie was 10 years old yesterday. He loved his new toys, which seem to have rejuvenated him. He spent most of yesterday rushing around playing with them, and went straight to his Walrus when he woke up this morning. I am hoping this coming year will see him free from the infections and medical issues that have plagued his short life.
But my fingers had to be crossed as I typed that.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Julie and I only exhange cards, and we do not buy into the ‘Valentine Industry’. Flowers are hiked-up in price, restaurants are fully-booked with themed menus, and heart-shaped gifts just end up at the back of cupboards, never to be looked at again.

If you intend to celebrate, please spare a thought for the lonely and unloved in your community too. All this outpouring of love and affection must be annual torture for them.


I haven’t spent much time on Twitter lately, so apologies for not forwarding many of your tweets, or noticing if you have done the same for me.


Wherever you are, I hope you are happy today, and enjoying a wonderful Sunday.


48 thoughts on “Mid-February Sunday Musings From Beetley

    1. They are firm favourites already, Liz. He gets them both out of his toybox first thing, and keeps them handy. The walrus is definitely being ‘favoured’ though. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Pete, today is a National Holiday here – the Super Bowl. We will watch the game, played here in LA, at home – as parking spots a mile from the stadium are selling for $4,800 each! Tickets a minimum of $10k each – talk about a ripoff! Lucky for me, the bar is open at my house and the TV is free!

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        1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, John. I think the last match I watched on TV was the 1966 World Cup Final. (England won!) The last match I watched as a spectator was at Tottenham Hotspur, the London club I supported. It was in 1963, and I was 11 years old.
          Once I could drive, and discovered girls, I put sport behind me. 🙂
          Best wishes, Pete.


  2. We have light snow flurries this morning. It’s been one of those mornings when the computer decides something needs updating before you can use it! I managed to do so and got the blog off I wanted to share in the control group. Best wishes! Pamela

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  3. (1) So, you’re reacting to heavy rain. That makes you a heavy water reactor. Heavy water was first produced by humans in 1932, though nature had been producing heavy rain for millions of years. Noah (who named his boat after the state of Arkansas) was the first to take note of heavy rain. Thanks to 20th Century humans, heavy water became a component of nuclear energy research, and later was used to generate power and isotopes for nuclear weapons.
    (2) Ollie is getting long in the tooth, which explains why he commiserates with the walrus.
    (3) Phone call to transplant patient: “Your heart-shaped gift arrived this morning from The Family Heart Center. We asked for a Jarvik, but got a Yamaha. If you’re interested in an extended warranty, please call 1-800-555-4444. Don’t pay any attention to all those robocalls trying to sell you a Jensen. That company’s products are defective, and are subject to a recall.”
    (4) I’m a Twitter quitter, no longer willing to fritter the hours away pointlessly..
    (5) I’ll enjoy my sundae if it comes with hot fudge. Otherwise, I’ll hold a grudge.

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  4. I am very out of touch these days but back, quite a few years ago now, I happened to be in England on Valentine’s Day and a friend came to take me for dinner but we had both overlooked the fact that it was Feb 14th. We ended up in a small curry place which was fine but I was surprised that the day seemed a much bigger deal over there. I thought the US did everything bigger! I do wish things were not all such commercial enterprises. Best wishes to you.

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  5. We have never spent much energy on Valentine’s Day either. Hubby will grill some nice steaIs and we will enjoy a nice glass of wine. It must be great to see Ollie enjoying his new toys.

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