A Change In The Weather

After one of the driest and brightest Januaries I can ever remember, February started out well too.

Then it all fell apart.

On Saturday, it started to rain at 1pm, just in time to get a good soaking out on the dog walk. That rain continued all day. Then all night. Then until 9am on Sunday.

After a bright start, Sunday ended up under water, with icy cold rain that made the whole day forgettable.

Then it rained all night Sunday night too.

I was fooled into thinking it had stopped raining when I went out with Ollie on Monday. But no, down it came again, accompanied by gusty winds that made it difficult to hang on to my umbrella. Ollie was saturated, and even using three large dog-towels hardly got him dry.

Time to head off to the supermarket for my regular Monday ‘big-shop’.

Driving there in quite heavy rain, wipers going. I was inside the shop for around 45 minutes, and as I emerged with a fully-loaded trolley, I could see it had been really bucketing down. The car park was awash, and just getting across to the car, my trainers and socks were soaked.

After stacking away all the groceries, I came inside and started to prepare dinner, then watched the news.

Two storms are on their way later this week, arriving one after the other. Bad enough to be given ‘names’, and an Amber Weather Warning, they will bring 80-90 mph winds, snow and blizzards in Scotland and the north, torrential rain and damage to trees and property elsewhere.

Who said a crocus was a sign of Spring? 😦

60 thoughts on “A Change In The Weather

    1. Move to Beetley, and you soon will be. As I type this, Storm Franklin is driving rain against the windows of my office room, and drenching the entire property. If England had any desert regions, I would be moving to one. 😦
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Here in Las Vegas, we supposedly got a bit of precipitation on January 18, 2022. I’m not so sure about that. But Mt. Charleston’s summit is white, as viewed from the valley. So at least it snowed in the Spring Mountains. (Note: Mt. Charleston’s elevation: 11,916 ft / 3,632 m)

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  2. Here (I mean in Spain as a whole, although apart from a few drops on Sunday, we haven’t had any rain for a while here either) we have a draught already and the levels of water on the reservoirs are dropping, so it doesn’t look good. I am not sure I’d ask for you to send us the storms, but some rain would be more than welcome. Stay as dry as you can, Pete!

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  3. Thankfully, after one of the coldest winters in History, my hometown is rather warm and dry. The weather predictions so far look good and predict a dry rest of Feb, but I will not be fooled by the most unpredictable science. I still have my thickest coats out, ready to put on at a moment’s notice.

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  4. We were smug when it was pouring down on a Spurs game last week and we’d had no rain, but it soon found us. We’ve managed to get the dogs out so far without drowning (although this morning was a close thing) but the winds are brutal out here in the Fens (a similar latitude to yourself).
    We’re down Epping Forest way next week, so at least will have the cover of trees, albeit mostly naked trees. More mud though. The upside of Fenland winds is that they dry things out quicker.

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    1. You should come in August, when it’s hot. But then the tourist places are too busy. It can be nice sometimes in May, and less tourists then. Always a gamble with British weather though.
      Just back from walking Ollie, and we are both muddy and soaked.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. We don’t have seasons in Britain: we just have weather! Sun’s shining now in beautiful north Yorkshire, so I might be able to get a dry walk after lunch, but anything could happen later on…… Cheers, Jon.

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