Musings From A Post-Storm Sunday In Beetley

It has been a week of two halves, and no mistake.

The week started out quiet, and very sunny. There was no frost, blue skies, and because the local kids were on half-term holiday, traffic was light. There was a blip on Monday afternoon, when a sudden rainstorm caught me unawares as I left the supermarket, but it is February, after all.


Julie has been feeling unwell for some time, and she has been taking Lateral Flow tests in case she had Covid-19. Fortunately, they were all negative. Unfortunately, she didn’t get better and a hacking cough and severe headache meant she had to take a sick day from work on Friday.

Then last night, her cough got worse, and I also became ill, with severe pains inside that kept me awake. As a result, both of us didn’t sleep until after 4:30 am, and only woke up at 10:30 this morning. It is going to be a very quiet Sunday for us, as we both feel like death warmed up.

My serial episode may not appear until much later today, if at all.


I have still not heard back about the renewal of my driving licence, and it has been two weeks. If they fail to issue me a new licence by my birthday in March, I will effectively be banned from driving. That has really been irritating me, even more so as their communication to me was from a ‘No reply’ email address at the DVLA.


At least Ollie has been on good form, enjoying his toys and walks, and eating his dinner. His fur looks a lot better too, if not completely re-grown.


The second half of the week brought two severe storms. We missed the worst of the first one, then Storm Eunice hit with extremely high winds. Friday night, we went to bed listening to the wind, and fearing the worst. But the following morning, we were happy to discover we had been spared. Some small trees have fallen across paths at Beetley Meadows, meaning short diversions. Otherwise, my walks with Ollie survived the storm. On Saturday afternoon, icy rain arrived, and the dog-walk left me soaked through and chilled to the bone. More of the same is forecast for later today, and during the rest of the week to come.


It still remains to be seen if things are going to get worse in Ukraine. We have gone from ‘invasion imminent’, to ‘talks in progress’, followed by ‘invasion at any moment’. If nothing else, it will allow the profit-bloated oil companies and big corporations to claim ‘WAR!’ as a justification for their ongoing dramatic price increases.


Hopefully, we will all have a relatively happy Sunday. Maybe don’t bother to watch the news though.


87 thoughts on “Musings From A Post-Storm Sunday In Beetley

      1. Best wishes to your wife, for a fast and good recovery, Pete! I just had looked at the homepage of your DLVA. Terrible how digitization has gone on. I hope our here will be not as fast, because most times i am in need of a fax number, for getting a qualified and faster response. Best wishes, Michael

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  1. I hope you are Julie are better now, Pete! Seems like a crazy week for you. We had state elections here in Uttar Pradesh. It is said that whichever party wins this will surely win the National election next year. SO, we all have fingers crossed. Hopefully, we will get someone who actually does some work rather than just save temples and cows.

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        1. Because I am still awaiting cataract surgery, have long-term Glaucoma, and haven’t had an eye clinic appointment for two years because of the pandemic. They have referred my renewal application for ‘medical assessment’. 😦

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  2. I hope you both get better soon. The old viruses can still make us pretty sick. I had a friend recently get very sick with not Covid. Take care. Drink tea and water. Walk Ollie and watch awful television programs!

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  3. Big week for you all, hope your feeling much better, good to hear Ollie up and running keeps you on your toes 😁 hope your Driver licence comes through if I dont get the chance Happy Birthday (in advance) Keep well Pete Oh I gave up watching the news many months ago (it was just a party political narative) Cheers

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    1. Thanks, Olga. We actually got hit harder by the next storm, called Storm Franklin. Lots of trees down, and power out in over half the village homes. A tree has also blocked the main road out of Beetley, meaning diversions locally.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. She is due in work at the GP surgery on Tuesday. I’m sure she can talk to someone when she gets there. I think I must have had a kidney stone, as the worst seems to be over for me. I am just left with a dull backache.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Thank you. I seem to have got over the worst, and I think it may have been a kidney stone. My wife still has a very bad cough and fatigue though, but she has tested negative for C-19 at least.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That’s terrific news (that the worst is behind you) AND that it’s not Covid. I use generous portions of honey in my tea when I have a cough. If it doesn’t help the cough, it helps the soul 🙂 And I’m this cautious about your recovery that I won’t even attempt a pun (one is nudging at me…).

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  4. (1) It has been a week of two halves. The local kids were on half-term holiday. If traffic was light, it was because only half the cars were on the road.
    (2) Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Or at least half under the weather.
    (3) I would think that if you’ve got proof that you applied for driver’s license renewal, that would suffice were you to be pulled over by a sexy blonde cop with mountainous peaks and a canyon that begs to be motorboated.
    (4) What do toy poodles play with? That’s a real question!
    (5) Storm Eunuchs hit with extremely high winds. To protest castration, they consumed nothing but pinto beans for a week, and then clenched their blowholes tight until just the right moment.
    (6) The troops on the border of Ukraine may make a U-turn if Putin gets concessions. If not, then the invading troops will be singing “Putin on the Blitz” to the tune of “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”
    (7) I never watch the gnus. Coyotes and cougars, yes, but no gnus.

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  5. Oh dear. That sounds like a very unpleasant bug you’ve got, no matter what it’s called. I hope you can see it off soon. Glad you came through the storm alright, at least. And as for world news…I agree, not watching seems wise as there’s not a thing we can do to change matters. Our petrol prices are going ever upward but I remind myself that UK prices have always been a lot higher.

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  6. I hope you both feel better soon. A neighbour just came down with a severe chest infection and had to go on antibiotics and bed rest for a few days. He is better now. These things still go around. Stay warm and dry too.

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  7. I hope you both get well soon. I have had a cough for a good two weeks now and some odd pains but you have to pay for tests here and even if I was positive it couldn’t be treated and I don’t go anywhere to spread it, so 🙂
    Happy to hear the storms didn’t cause any big problems for you, we got the tail end of it and lost power a few times, but we are used to it this time of the year, and that’s with winds of only 30mph.
    Good to know Ollies on form 🙂

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  8. Just when I was starting to go out again, we all have to stay home because of storms! Team H cancelled their planned long weekend visit. We got away with two tiles blown off, which just missed neighbours’ car and thankfully, them!

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