Lighter At Night

For so long now, it has been getting dark by 3:30 in the afternoon, and pitch black an hour later. Almost sixteen hours of every day, spent in darkness.

Then last night as I was cooking dinner, I had to pop out to the spare fridge in the garden shed to get something.

It was 6:01 pm, according to the clock on the microwave, and it was still light, with the sun not completely set to my left. The sky glowed pink in the far distance, and I could clearly see to the end of the garden

Now that is definitely a sign that Spring is just around the corner.

61 thoughts on “Lighter At Night

  1. Yes, here it is the same (although it is not quite as extreme as there, I think). The weather doesn’t usually get too bad here, but I do miss the light and the longer days in the winter. It is always hopeful when the days get longer. Thanks, Pete, and let’s hope everything looks brighter soon.

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      1. Pete, 8 months of the year it is hot, real darn hot. We have summer, then fall for about a week, then winter for a month or two, then spring for a week, then summer again. When it is cold, it’s brutal and damp. I enjoyed the UK climate and wished I could have brought some back here.

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  2. In South Africa, there isn’t a big time difference for sunrise and sunset during winter and summer. During summer the sun sets between 7pm and about 7.30pm and in the winter between 5.30pm and 6pm on average. We have mild day time temperatures too although it can get very cold at night.

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    1. Being so much further south than us, you don’t have those long dark afternoons and evenings. I do like to be able to sit outside after 9pm in the summer, but our summers are too short most years. You will notice the difference once you make the move to Britain.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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