23 thoughts on “No Serial Today

    1. Sadly, not a word from Kim. Whatever happened in her life must have necessitated that she become a private person. Her email address is no longer active, and she has not contacted anyone on here at all.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Sorry Pete. It was an attempt at humor. Clearly, the arrow did not reach the black. No ‘Cereal’ available today. . . Hence, I’ll just have to cook up a bit of “Egg n “Bacon” instead, which usually is a morning with a bit more leasure to it. . . Hope it wasn’t a bad day for you in Beetley Pete.


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          1. Fair question about the drugs. . . When I finally get out of my morning robe, I’ll look into that. 😉

            Now in all seriousness – for God’s sakes! Doesn’t ‘legs’ get substituted for “bacon n eggs” in SE London anymore?
            What is the world coming to? Cockney slang. . . Probably another casualty of the COVID 😘

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            1. I lived in London for 60 years, and never once heard ‘legs’ in relation to breakfast. I think that must have been an hallucinatory dream of your youth, Chris. 🙂
              Best wishes, Pete.


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