The Shame Of Britain

I am reblogging this from my second blog, as it really needs to be seen by a wider audience.


News today of an incident at Calais that rightfully shames the current despicable government running this country.

150 Ukrainian refugees escaped from their war-torn country. They spent days heading West, crossing through Poland and Germany into France. Their aim was to seek refuge with members of their families who were already legally resident in Britain.

But the UK Border Force post at Calais refused them entry. They were told to travel to Paris, 300 miles away, and apply for a temporary visa at the British Embassy there.

Heartless, bureaucratic, shameful in the extreme.

Poland has welcomed over 500,000 refugees.
Hungary has welcomed over 140,000 refugees.
Moldova has welcomed 98,000 refugees.
Slovakia has welcomed 73,000 refugees.
Romania has welcomed 52,000 refugees.

Even Russia has allowed in 48,000 refugees to flee the war it started.

And noble Great Britain, that renowned Monarchy and self-professed seat of Democracy will not allow in 150…

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37 thoughts on “The Shame Of Britain

  1. Dont rant to much about your government, Pete! I am sure this is an agreement between all the other nations on earth. Have a look, what had happend in Germany, in 2015. Only one million of war refugees came to Germany, and after some years most of them left the country again. But this was enough to establish a right-wing party, in a country which has historical experiences this way. ;-/ Germany had not have any relevant migration over the last eighty years, in opposite to all other countries in Europe. xx Michael

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      1. I fully understand you, Pete! But as i am living in the historical origin country of racism, and we also have it here in the borderland to the Czech Republic – without any notable migration over the last centuries – i’m not that pessimistic about the UK. xx

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  2. I must be doing something wrong. When I post something longer than a few sentences it doesn’t show up. Is there a filter, or some sort of screen/censor function on World Press?


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    1. WP doesn’t like too many links, and very long comments.It seems to think they are Spam However, I do not personally have those filters activated, Chris. So I have no idea why this is happening to you my friend. You comment is not in my Spam folder.
      (It happens to me on some blogs I follow too.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Ahhh. Some beaurcrat enforcing a “Rule”. . . So totally British, eh what?
    There will always be an England Pete, and as such there will always be the King’s law and of course ‘Rules’, and I’m not referring to that fabulously old and quaint wild game restaurant in Covenant Garden. But then you know? Hopefully there shall always be an ‘England’ as long as that oldest of cornerstone English hospitality establishments survives too. Even ‘Rules’ has rules. Kinda nice, that.

    The U.K. has border control with France? And they want the people to be documented to enter the UK? Holy Crap!
    How 20th Century.
    That’s actually astonishing to hear, considering there might as well be 60 meter X 90 meter flashing red neon signs about every 2,000 meters along the U.S. southern border saying “Non documented people’s, Right this way. . . Fentynal smugglers and human traffickers to the left for express processing and free flights to the interior if the U.S.”
    Most people now are taught to think that ‘Borders’ and border patrol officers are for Fascist, Communist and Totalitarian regimes only. Democratic governed countries simply don’t need them and if the U.S. is any example, shouldn’t have them.

    No kidding. The U.S. State Dept (our Home Office) are flying, at U.S. tax payer experience, undocumented, un-Jabbed, and un-screened individuals crossing the southern border, 1,000’s a week mind you, and spreading them out via climate damaging jet aircraft to where they are needed (best exploited) around the U.S.

    It’s a full on Biden administration sanctioned shit show. But I doubt you see that on telly over there.

    Now, if someone could just get those poor displaced 150 Ukrainians some fentynal and/or some kidnapped young girls? Then I’m sure Biden’s state department would be happy to arrange them free environmentally damaging flights from Charles De Gaulle or Orly to the U.S., no documentation required. We really must get our U.S. State Department and the British Foreign Office together on this! 🤬🤬🤬

    Or maybe, just maybe, all of us good minded people in these so called Democrat republics and such should stop practicing that bad form as suggested by Edmund Burke and stop standing by and letting evil prevail, and instead focus on removing these near fascist regimes that currently think we serve them, instead of the true state of our constatutional governments which states that they are supposed tto be serving or listening to “US” their constituates.

    Sigh. . . That was a lovely rant. Be pulling my soap box home now and leaving speakers corner before I’m clapped in irons then. . .

    Thanks for listening. Ta.

    All the Best Pete, on a lovely Arizonian Sunday morning.


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    1. The UK has a ‘presence’ in Calais. Immigration checks on those trying to get asylum, cross the Channel on ferries or Eurostar. The French got fed up with having so many to deal with, and allowed us to go over there and sort it out ourselves.
      (I found this in the Trash Folder. It had only just turned up there. There were six versions of the same comment, hence WP not allowing it.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Shameful indeed! Here in the U.S., tens of thousands of illegals crossing the southern border snicker at us because we stupidly accept their ridiculous claims of asylum and either bus or fly them into the interior of our country. Meanwhile, in the U.K., innocent Ukrainian people who are fleeing death and a war torn country are being turned back!

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    1. We have borders of large bodies of water, which are much easier to control than those in the US. It would be the decent and humanitarian thing to do, to allow them to continue on to their families in the UK.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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