Are You Old Enough To Remember…?

Eating this for dessert.

Sliding down one of these.

Reading an original Ladybird book.

Playing with one of these for hours.

Actually wanting to own a car like this one.

Being desperate to buy one of these.

Thinking this was a classy dinner service.

Having these in your car seats.

Considering this to be a telephone.

I am!

71 thoughts on “Are You Old Enough To Remember…?

  1. I still consider the last picture as my favourite kind-of phone. My house used to get loads of blank calls. Apparently, my bestie was trying to get my brother talk to her. If no one spoke after two hellos, I would call him over and hand over the phone, pretending that I didn’t know who it was. Then, my brother moved out and blank calls kept coming–apparently for me this time. So, I left it to my parents to deal with the lucky guy and snigger in a corner as he got his just desserts. It is just not possible now, with caller ID on the mobile phones.

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      1. I think we had our last one in the mid 80’s, too. When our grandchildren visited a few years ago, we plugged the old phone into the phone jack, and it worked! Best to you, Pete.

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  2. I showed Gosia the picture of the slide and told her we had one in our park when I was growing up, its hard to imagine now, I don’t think there is a slide taller than me nowadays 🙂
    The price of the video recorder is mad, I now realise how well off our neighbours were when they bought one…the only people I knew for years to have one.

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    1. Yes, I rented one for some years. They were too expensive to buy at first. I didn’t know anyone who didn’t rent them from Rumbelows or Radio Rentals. 🙂
      That Hillman Imp car was from 1965, but they were around for a long time after that. I will look in the folders for your comment.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


    1. Don’t forget I said ‘desperate to buy’. When they first came out, they were £700 for a remote-control VHS (by cable) and I couldn’t afford one. I rented one for four years until I had saved up, a Ferguson Videostar top loader. Then I bought a JVC front loader for half of that. 🙂
      We had already bought a Sony Trinitron Colour TV, but it was only a 14-inch portable. That cost almost a month’s take-home salary at the time, and had no remote.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Most of your images were relatable to me, brings me back, to what I remember as the good old days. When my Dad and Mom shouldered the burdens of the world. The phone was my obsession when I was a teen, miss those old dials…xxoo, C

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  4. You wouldn’t want to own a Hillman Imp. Mine broke down in Luton on Christmas Eve, after staying at a friend’s house, my Dad left in his Hillman Imp to pick us up. His car also broke down with the same transmission fault. On the next Saturday his sister took us both to the same main dealer in her Mini to pick up our vehicles. That didn’t break down!

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  5. My dad had a Hillman Imp. The back window lifted up and I remember breathing in petrol fumes in traffic jams. I never liked blancmange, but now have a ‘retro’ phone for incoming calls only. I use a more modern landline phone to make a call, as the retro phone is too slow and the ‘Press 1, Press 2, Press 3’ malarkey doesn’t always work with them.

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  6. It looks like some of the things you’ve posted didn’t make their way across the pond to the US. The ones I do remember:

    Sliding down a slide
    The teeny, tiny red Hillman my family had (Traded later for a Rambler American Station wagon.)
    Our first video recorder
    “Classy” dinner service
    Cars with ashtrays
    Rotary dial telephone.


    1. Yes! My mum had rabbit moulds, and a tortoise mould too. She loved blancmange, and was still eating it when she was 85. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.
      (I found your comment in my Trash folder.)


  7. I remember most of those. When I was quite small we had minibricks and mechano. I could spend hours with those. I also had a fascinating book of general knowledge. I don’t think I was ever bored as a kid.


    1. Me neither. I had some good toys, and lots of great books. My favourite was the Atlas of The World, which I used to learn about all the foreign countries I never expected to be able to visit.
      Best wishes, Pete.
      (I found your comment in my Trash folder.)


  8. My goodness those Video recorders were expensive. Loved blancmange and the dinner plate is so familiar though I don’t think we had that service. And we had a two tone green telephone, very flash!


    1. That vinyl was too tough on the teeth mate! I enjoyed my blancmange, back in the day. My mum loved it, and was still eating the stuff when she was 85! 🙂
      Cheers, Pete.


    1. I never ended up owning an Imp. But in 1965 when that advert came out, I was 13 years old, and really wanted one! Glad to hear you still have a reliable old phone.
      Best wishes, Pete,.


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