‘Trash Folder’ Glitch

I was just looking to see where Jude’s comment had gone, and found 41 genuine comments in my Trash Folder.

This is a definite WP glitch, and it might be an idea for everyone to check their own folders.

Apologies to everyone involved for my late replies to your comments. I am going to have to wade through all 10 pages of my Trash Folder every day now.

46 thoughts on “‘Trash Folder’ Glitch

    1. I had added RV to my banned words, Trish. So when someone wrote a word like ‘Deserve’, because it contained RV together, it was placed in the Trash folder automatically.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. I have had a few of those in the last couple of weeks. Most were two word comments, although your rather generous reply was in my trash folder recently, too. Since I closed comments on my older posts, I receive almost zero spam.

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  2. This has been happening to me too, Pete. After I set up the ‘trash’ settings a few weeks ago I began to find several of my regular followers’ comments in the trash almost daily. I’ve been retrieving them all along and reducing the number of banned words on my discussion settings as I go along thinking one of them was the culprit. I’ll continue to monitor and may remove all of them if the problem continues. I agree with you it’s a glitch.

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      1. Thank the maker Pete! This news is better for my emotional curcits than an oil bath. And believe me, an oil bath is just the thing, as I’ve developed such a bad case of dust contamination living here in the desert that I can barely move. 😉🤠🙄 Now, about the Spam bin. . . I’m afraid Something must be said to WP. 😂😂😂

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        1. If you look at the comments section in your Admin page, you will see a list at the top under the word ‘Comments’
          From there you can access the folders, including Spam and Trash.
          Best wishes, Pete.


  3. I’ve had that problem and also found good comments in my spam. To top it off two days in a row I was told my LIKE function was not working and CI told me that he could not access my site yesterday on and off. WordPress needs to do a little house cleaning I’d say and make sure things function properly.

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  4. I’ve had issues like that where legit comments were trashed because of aggressive spam settings. Once I backed off the spam/akismet settings to move stuff to the spam folder it was easier to sort through as the legit comments stood out.

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