Today is the day before my birthday, always known by me as my ‘Pre-Birthday’. At the supermarket yesterday, I bought a ‘special meal’ as a pre-birthday treat. A ready-to-cook pork belly with honey glaze complete meal, with black pudding, vegetables, and mashed potato. Enough for two, in ‘gift-box’ packaging.

So it is a ‘bung-it-in-the-oven-and-no preparation’ dinner, quick to cook when we return from the Bird Park later. (Weather permitting.) I will accompany that with a glass or two of Lindemann’s Australian Shiraz, then relax and watch something on TV later.

Three birthday cards have arrived already, along with a ‘mystery parcel’. Being a stickler for such things, nothing will be opened until tomorrow morning.

Getting a head start on your birthday is to be recommended, believe me. If you have never had a ‘Pre-Birthday Day’, you should try it.

92 thoughts on “‘Pre-Birthday’

  1. Happy Birthday. It is also our granddaughter’s birthday. She is nine today. We usually make our birthdays last a week, too what with the post being unreliable and our family being so spread out. We used to go to a local Ghurka restaurant but it burned down ( not their fault) This year we have two 80 years and one 50 year – all between January and May. However, our celebrations may be curtailed now we have a newcomer to the family.
    Biscuit is seeing the vet on Friday and we hope everything will be OK. He spends most of his time asleep. I suppose at 12 that’s allowed!

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  2. Now that I realized that your birthday is the same as one of our daughter’s, I will be able to remember it. Now I just need to find your address so I will be ready. Happy pre-birthday. What on earth is pork belly and how do you cook it?

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  3. I had loads of pre-birthday days as a kid, as presents were given to me in the run-up to my birthday by family members and I always opened them there and then. Mum never wrapped up presents, and so just handed it to me with the words “Here’s your present.” Sam always wants me to wait to open presents until my birthday, but it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. Hope you have a great pre-birthday and birthday.

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      1. Sam’s like that, but I wasn’t brought up that way. He’s the same about Christmas presents. I find it irritating sometimes, because as a kid I’d open the presents as I received them, just as I did birthday presents. He had to wait and thinks that’s right. I tell him neither of us are right or wrong, just different.

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  4. (1) First, my mother had a pre birth day party. The next day, she had a labor party. Apparently, she didn’t have any fun at either party. But I did. I was the life of the party!
    (2) Beware the Ides of March. You may get indigestion from all that pork belly!

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  5. Very best wishes to you and you certainly deserve a pre-birthday treat! When I was young, oh so many years ago I had a group of friends who enjoyed Christmas a lot and we used to have “half Christmas” in July. It was way more fun than real Christmas! I made a cake with an aeroplane that was stuck in snow which we enjoyed on a very hot day!

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    1. It’s because I don’t make much of Christmas that I have a birthday week, Carolyn. Although I worked shifts for most of my life, I always took the week of my birthday off. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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