Hitting the Wall

Reblogging this excellent short story from Stevie Turner. How to say a great deal, in so few words.

Stevie Turner

Many years ago in London’s East End there was a man who used to sit with paints and an easel and paint pictures of brick walls. Myself and friends would laugh at him and could not understand why he would want to do this. However, 55 years later he was the inspiration for the story below.

Hitting the Wall

Copyright Stevie Turner 2022

There he was again. Janet tagged along behind her older sisters and their friend, each one pumped up with a confidence and bravado that can only come from being part of a clique. The shabbily dressed man wearing a frayed black overcoat ignored the girls’ gibes and carried on creating a replica of the wall in front of him.

“Why are you painting stupid bricks?” Eloise peered over the man’s shoulder. “That’s a really boring picture.”

Patsy gave the man a dig in the arm with…

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