World Maps: A Different View

I always enjoy finding unusual maps online. Here are some I discovered this morning.
(Click on image to enlarge)

Our world around 250,000,000 years ago, before the continents formed. It is known as Pangea.

Which brands originated in which US state?

Ginger hair? Who has the most redheads in Europe?

What’s your surname? The most common surnames in European countries.

Alcohol consumption in Europe. Russia takes the prize, which is only to be expected. Britain is just behind Germany.
(I’m doing my bit to help us catch up!)

48 thoughts on “World Maps: A Different View

    1. I knew there was a lot of it in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, (Celts) but that ‘enclave’ in Russia was a surprise, Liz.
      Three of my step-children have bright red hair. Their paternal grandmother was Irish.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That’s about it! We’re also the home of Microsoft and Amazon but we were the ‘Jet City’ long before they existed, so I’m happy to see Aircraft production on your list and also happy you didn’t list rain first! 🙂

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  1. I love maps too. They always offer food for thought. I am one of the millions of Smiths. I knew Russians drank a lot but I had not realized the British drank that much. Maybe it’s all the beer which would account for Germany too.

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  2. While the US as a whole isn’t the biggest for drinking, my neighboring state, Wisconsin, could give even Russia a run for the money .As far as a famous brand, here in Minnesota we would pick 3M and it’s scotch tape over Pillsbury and it flour.

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  3. I love this collection of maps. I have many atlases, each with a different focus, from migration to literary points of interest. Lately my attention has gone to maps of the distribution of covid cases around the United States.

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    1. I am always looking at maps like these online, Elizabeth. I used to collect old maps of London at one time, and trace the expansion of the city over its history. Now the Internet is full of interesting maps on different themes.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Wow! Love the Pagean one, and it is fascinating to think where we were (touching Argelia in our case, while my father’s side of the country was very close to Canada and Greenland). Not surprising if one thinks how different the country is. I am a bit surprised about the alcohol consumption here, although, at least in general, people tend to drink here with the meals a bit, and not huge amounts by itself (well, there are exceptions, of course), so perhaps the way people drink is different. Thanks for sharing your findings, Pete!

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    1. Mediterranean drinking culture is very different than in the UK, Olga.
      When I ordered a bottle of red wine in a restaurant in Barcelona, I told the waiter “One glass with that”. (I was the only one intending to drink it) He raised his eyebrows at that, and shook his head. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. So Pete, the world is really flat?! Any further information on that map? I wonder if there is a moving one on youtube to see the evolution?
    The map of the US of A, I thought would have a banjo for Kentucky.
    And red heads in Wales not Scandinavia.
    Martin for France? and no Patels in the UK?
    Britain loves to turn its spuds into chips – Russia lets them rot and turns it into Vodka – then they rot!

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