86 thoughts on “Creepy Dolls

  1. I am always surprised that dolls are creepy to some people. If you are a child and are emotionally attached to your doll, it is a wonderful friend and comfort, just as any well-loved toy. Some of the creepiest, most worn out dolls probably were well loved (or well tormented!). I always liked the story “The Veleveteen Rabbit” because it is just so magical and captures the love of a toy so well. I still have a doll I received more than 50 years ago and love her a lot!

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  2. CREEPY. Ever since I heard the song ‘Love Hate Revenge’ 1967 I have thought of how people get a doll and make it look like realistically like someone they once loved, now hate and so do dastardly things to get revenge. This stemmed from Voodoo dolls which were effigies but in western cultures made the dolls porcelain and life like. SCARY

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  3. They creep me out too. Especially the first one with the red eyes and the penultimate one (because those three girls look like like real people). It’s not just be because I’m not a girl – I didn’t even care for Action Man when I was a kid.

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    1. Gollies were not as scary as porcelain-faced dolls. (I used to have all the badges of Gollies from Robertson’s Jam. Remember their catchphrase? “Look for the Golly on the jar”. Imagine that, in todays, P-C world?) We can’t even have ‘Uncle Ben’s Rice’ now.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. No, John mentioned that, but I never used to watch it. I didn’t find him (Seinfield) remotely funny. Sorry!
      (Though I very much enjoyed ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, with Larry David. )
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Yikes! This reminds me of dolls that we used to find every now and then while excavating homesteads in Ontario. They were called frozen Charlottes and were a reminder for little girls to listen to their mothers or they will end up like poor charlotte who froze to death because she didn’t listen. It was always a very creepy artifact to find!

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  5. Chucky thinks those baby dolls are cute, but they’re rather lifeless. He dreams of one day hanging out with the lively dolls that inhabit the frozen planet Lythion in the Tau Ceti planetary system. Chucky’s only fear is that Dr. Durand Durand, who lives in Sogo, will threaten to blast him with a positronic ray if he gets out of line.

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    1. The dolls in ‘Barbarella’ (and Chucky) don’t scare me in the same way, because they are meant to be scary. These play-dolls have strange lifeless faces that look just weird.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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