A Little Help!

Shaily is trying her hand at First Line Fiction short stories. Please send her your first line!

Short Stories | Fish-eye Perspective

Hi friends,

I am going through a writer’s block regarding stories. Please send me the first line for a story, so I can build on it–any thing mundane or crazy would do.

I am picking this idea from Pete, who is by far, my favourite short story writer.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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54 thoughts on “A Little Help!

  1. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. Muse block, yes. Sit down, listen. But if that doesn’t work.

    “Beethoven,” the stranger sitting next to her said. “Abalone.”
    “Squid,” the stranger stabbed at her coffee cup with a fork.

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    1. Thanks for the help, Pete! That one hit quite close to home. But then we all wear masks, don’t we? BTW, I was unable to open your website when I clicked your name. I had to open your gravatar to find it. Have you connected it with your gravatar correctly?

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  2. The misery I felt at the sudden death of my old friend Daniel was utterly at odds with the tingle running through me as his wife appeared at Heathrow arrivals . .

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  3. I had only just come indoors from the cold and wet, putting the kettle on while I was to change into something warm, yearning for that hot brew, when the phone rang.

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