A sudden, unannounced change

Another blogger’s view of the new WordPress plans. Keep yourselves informed about what’s happening. I for one had no idea!

Scent of a Gamer

In between articles a line on my blog stats suddenly went from being halfway full to being full and red:

The free WordPress option used to come with 3GB for storage space.

Above is an image I found on a WordPress page that already seems to have been deleted while I was writing this. It shows what the limit used to be.

That has now been reduced to 500MB. At the moment, I can still upload new images, but I’m expecting that to stop soon.

There has been no announcement that I can see, but this is the new ‘free’ option. It has been drastically reduced. I also notice the 10,000 monthly views limit. I’m getting more than that, and so are many others I know.

At some point, something is going to happen, as in I won’t be able to upload new images, and people won’t be able…

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36 thoughts on “A sudden, unannounced change

    1. It will tell new users immediately they apply for a blog. Then those of us with paid plans will probably be informed at the time of renewal. Otherwise, it seems they have no intention of broadcasting the changes, Jennie.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I have been using Flickr to avoid that. By adding the photos on Flickr, then putting the links into my blog posts, the photos are not stored in my media library on WP. Let’s hope they don’t close that current loophole, Stevie.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. You can add 1,000 photos free. Then you use the url of the photo as a link, and the photo appears. I got the idea from the bloggers Fraggle and Ed Westen, so have used very little WP space since. It isn’t hard to do, even I managed to work it out. 🙂


          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I’m not sure this is correct or I hope it isnt – I just read another blogger’s post who got the same message, then the limit changed by to 3 GB. I just checked my free blog and it’s 3 GB. Hope it all works out – that is frustrating to see.

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    1. WP does say that existing bloggers will keep their current options, and this only applies to new bloggers, BCM. But I suspect that might change in time. My paid plan expires in December, when I am sure my only option will become Pro. (Or Go)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Pete. This is indeed, concerning!

    At first, I thought it wouldn’t apply to me since I’m on a paid premium plan, which renews in July. But when I looked at my upgrade options on my admin site, it says I’m on a legacy plan. Apparently, I’ll be forced into their only non-free option of ‘Pro’ at almost double the cost of what I pay now. Reverting to a ‘free’ option would mean most of my pictures would disappear. How lovely. I’m going to contact my ‘happiness engineer’ to confirm, in the hopes that existing customers can somehow be stay on their existing ‘legacy’ plans. Then I have a difficult decision to make. It’s not that I can’t afford it, but I hate being forced into it.

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      1. Unfortunately, yes. So in July the cost doubles for me, but at least the media storage increases dramatically. I just wish they would have communicated the change more effectively. At least I have time to consider thanks to your post.

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  3. There don’t seem to be many options for people who just want to share content with people and are happy to do say without charge, but don’t want (or can’t afford) to pay for it. Having time-limited content, and then removing images? Sharing links to something like a Pinterest board? It is a sad state of events, but everything is a business. Thanks for sharing this, Pete.

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