Much Ado About Nothing?

Another view of the WP changes. This might calm us all down!
(Well, maybe…)
HOWEVER! Other bloggers have been told that once their paid plans expire, the new Free or Pro will be the only available options.
Watch this space…

This, That, and the Other

Yesterday there were some posts going around, including mine, suggesting that WordPress was consolidating down to two plans: a scaled-back free plan, and a professional blogger-level Pro plan at $180 a year. This created quite the brouhaha among us casual, hobby bloggers.

I opened up a help ticket on WordPress asking if this were true, but as of this morning, I have not received a response. But my blogging buddy Jim Adams, who must have more clout with WordPress than I do, contacted WordPress, and he was told that “that the Personal, Premium, Business, and eCom plans are not being discontinued. The Pro plan has been introduced in addition to these plans and is currently only available for the FREE sites.”

So it seems that we were all up in arms over something that won’t adversely affect most of us. Thank you, Jim, for giving us the real skinny…

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15 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing?

  1. Thanks for keeping up with this, Pete. I caught the most recent post, and it looks OK for those of us who have had a blog for a while, although who knows when things might change!

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  2. Well, my garden blog which I am mothballing anyway, is free. When I click on upgrade in my settings I only have the choice of the new free or the pro. Not the other plans that I can opt to on my paid blogs.

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  3. The very fact that WP hasn’t made any official statements and that the staff at the forums have given out canned answers says the real state of things. While we might not be at the edge of the cliff, decisions like this show we are well down that path 😦

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  4. The communication has been very poor indeed, maybe non-existent! My understanding after I logged a case is that existing paid subscribers will still be able to renew their existing legacy plan, but new subscribers will only have the new free or pro plans as options.

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