UPDATED! Pricing And Functionality Changes Regarding WordPress

A great post from Maggie on the changes to WordPress plans!

NOTE: There seems to be some confusion about what plans are available. The documentation I see only shows two plans, others have been told that is not the case. I will update here if I learn more.

These two available plans seemingly impact only free users.  Click on upgrades in your WordPress leftmost menu. If you are currently a paying customer, you may see other plan options. If you have a free blog, you may only see the two options described below. Is this WordPress trying to discourage free accounts?

By now, many of you have read about WordPress pricing structure and functionality changes recently put in place without notice. As a person who has a history in IT, I do understand the cost of staying in business. Disk storage cost money. So does staffing. I do not think any of us would argue that point.

Most hobbyist bloggers do…

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14 thoughts on “UPDATED! Pricing And Functionality Changes Regarding WordPress

  1. I am a paying user and I am not satisfied with what they offer and then there are things I would like to add and have to pay more, the latter I don’t think so! However, WordPress has always been the best platform out there. I have used Blogger and there is no comparison. WordPress is far more profusely and superior. As to money what is not dictated by money? Thanks for the post on this topic Pete! 😀

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