Result for Free Blogs

Another post about the WP changes to keep you updated. Thanks to pensitivity101


This has just come into my email and whilst the name is a little suspect, I am relieved.

jerrysarcastic wrote:
Hi @pensitivity101 happy to clarify that existing free sites created before March 31 2022 are unchanged. 
I see your site is about 9 years old (which is awesome!) and can confirm that it still retains the 3GB limit on media storage, and no limits on traffic. 
To further clarify, the new limits would apply if you created a new (second) site under your account.  The new limits would also apply if you upgrade your existing site, but as long as you keep a free site there is no change whatsoever, as mentioned above. 
Hope that helps.  Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Hope this is of help to bloggers in a similar position to myself.

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33 thoughts on “Result for Free Blogs

  1. Good news Pete, I can put the collection jar away now.
    My detective work shows he is a Jerry Bates from ? California and is a blogger himself and is known as a Happiness Engineer (whatever that is).

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  2. I helped feed a pair of five-day-old kittens yesterday that had been found entangled in their umbilical cords beneath a neighbor’s car. The mother had abandoned the litter. Most of the kittens had died. To my mind, helping feed these tiny kittens, whose eyes are still closed, is of far more importance than anything WordPress is doing.

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  3. Okay, I’m happy that those on the previously existing free plans won’t be driven away! Wouldn’t it have been nice if they’d communicated clearly from the start, with all their existing customers, both paid and free?? I think perhaps their policy on this has been evolving based on the brouhaha that occurred!

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  4. Thank god for that! Mine has been live since February 2010. My blog is known around the world. My posts are read from America to New Zealand. From Northern Europe to South Africa, Central and South America, and all points in between…

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