Plan Changes: The Official Word From WordPress

Thanks to Audrey for the link.

WordPress breaks its silence on the lack of information concerning new plans, and also makes some changes since announcing them last week.

You can read the full post from the link above. Meanwhile here are some sections that might help us all calm down (again).

No changes to paid plans already in place, and now 1 GB of space on any new Free plans. (Up from 0.5 GB last week.) Traffic limits scrapped.

We’re listening to your feedback, and want to be clear that it will, as always, shape the future of

With that in mind, we’re committing to:

No traffic limits on either the Free or Pro plan. You’ll enjoy the same unlimited traffic you’ve always had.
The new Free plan storage limit will include 1GB of Free storage, and existing Free users will keep the 3GB they already have on hand.
Additional storage will be available for purchase at a very reasonable price, very soon.
As-you-need them add-ons for both plans, to give you a la carte upgrades. Coming soon.

Existing users before 1/4/22 keep the current deal.

How This Affects Your Current Plan
While we’re making a few changes to the Free plan, rest assured that if you’re already signed up, nothing will change for you. Ditto, if you’re on one of our legacy plans, nothing will change unless you want it to.

Going forward, new signups and sites will integrate smoothly into our new Free and Pro plans.

So, new bloggers have either 1 GB on a Free plan, or the option of Pro, prepaid at $15 a month. Everyone else who was blogging before April this year should remain unaffected.

Now we have to wait and see if they stick to those promises.

45 thoughts on “Plan Changes: The Official Word From WordPress

  1. Thanks for keeping us “up to speed,’ as the saying goes. WP has a history now of not listening to their users, nor respecting their needs. It’s sad, because I’ve had years of good karma with/from WP, but the last year or so I’ve been disappointed in them.

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  2. It’s interesting Pete that, as a business plan subscriber, I haven’t heard or received a single thing about this from WordPress…I guess they assume that since it doesn’t appear to impact me, no reason to keep me in the loop at all!

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    1. Beetley is not unlike Cloud Cuckoo Land, David, compared to London. 🙂
      I am a long way from believing anything WP says it will do, (hence my last line) but I am reporting on the changes as they come in, and this was just the ‘latest news’.
      Cheers, Pete.


  3. Upgrading to 1GB is welcome news for new free blogs. You can have an awful lot of photos for that if you are sensible and resize them before uploading to the library. And if you can purely add a data plan (as the OH did many years ago) that is a cheap way to extend the life of a blog without paying for the Pro version. (You say $15 a month in your post, when I looked at my free blog I see it is £15 for users in the UK) I still have the original 3Gb data.

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    1. Forgot to say, that you could of course create more than one free blog and store photos in either one and then link to a photo using the URL of the image. As you do linking to Flickr.

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  4. thanks, Pete for staying on this. as you noted above, I’ve been unsubscribed from you before as well as others I follow, through no choice of my own and have to stay on top of it

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    1. I appreciate everyone constantly re-following, Beth. I am aware what a nuisance it is, and suspect it might be a ‘by-product’ of WP messing around as they prepare for the new ‘Pro Plan’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I haven’t had that yet, but many of my followers in America are regularly not receiving notifications of my posts, and others have been unsubscribed from following me with no explanation. I suspect it is WP fiddling around so they can bring in these changes.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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