The Garden Shed

I am reblogging this short story from 2016, so that new followers since then can read it. Anyone from before that date has likely already seen it.


I saw a post today from Sarah Vernon, on First Night Design. It was a compelling artistic treatment of an old photo of a garden shed. GP Cox commented that it made a great writing prompt, and I agreed. Sarah asked me to take up the prompt, and this is the result. It has a disturbing theme, so be warned. Here is a link to Sarah’s original post.

This is a work of fiction, a short story of less than 1900 words.

Sandra walked past the ‘SOLD’ sign and opened the gate to the path leading to her old family home. It was just a small 1930s detached house, nothing special. Bay windows, a u-shaped driveway, the separate garage hardly big enough for a modern car. It had been her parents’ pride and joy. They had struggled to buy it; forgetting about holidays, eschewing luxuries, Dad working all the…

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25 thoughts on “The Garden Shed

  1. Good story. I can remember the smell of such a place and see the old tools. I can feel the empty house too, so hollow when the tenants are gone. Cleaning such a place out was one of my harder tasks. The other sort of memory mentioned here was different for me, but I suspect many of us have those. Good story.

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