Sunday Musings On A Sunny Afternoon

The weather has been very ‘English’ this week. We have had sunshine, heavy showers, hailstorms, normal rain, below freezing temperatures, and now it is 13C and sunny.


Most of you will know by now that although I have still not received my renewed driving licence, I do have written permission from Norfolk Police to drive until it arrives. This meant I was able to do something very normal yesterday, popping out to the supermarket on my own. Not in the least exciting, but nonetheless enjoyable after being ‘grounded’ since the 15th of March. It also means that I can take Ollie to the groomer next week, and Julie doesn’t have to take time off work.


Panic buying and hoarding of petrol and diesel continues unabated in this area. The only petrol staton stil open for business has huge queues snaking around it. As a result, Julie’s car is very low on petrol. Fortunately my car is almost full of diesel, so she can use that when she needs to.


Boris Johnson went to Ukraine yesterday, trying to make himself look like a world leader in time of war. He promised untold millions of pounds in aid to Ukraine, including the supply of anti-ship missiles and armoured vehicles. Let’s hope the intolerable buffoon manages not to go too far, and declare war on Russia.


Not much else has happened worth musing about this week, so I will leave it there, and hope you all had a happy Sunday.

52 thoughts on “Sunday Musings On A Sunny Afternoon

  1. We had a clear day on Sunday, but a dust storm hit Las Vegas on Monday. Winds were high, and visibility suffered significantly. On the other hand, I was still suffering from food poisoning on Sunday, but was feeling better on Monday.

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  2. My go to sing along band when I’m in the car and need a bit of lifting up, I went to see the Kinks in Manchester in the late 80’s, by which time they had sold the rights to all of the classic songs so a lot of the audience was disappointed. Luckily I had followed them for the duration and had bought the latest albums and was happily singing along πŸ™‚

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    1. They started out on Pye Records, the company my dad worked for from 1959. So I had all the advance copies of their records on white labels and knew about them months before they were released.
      Cheers, Pete.

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  3. I remember during an oil embargo in the early 70’s the state went to alternate days for odd and even number license plates to take some pressure off the gas station lines.. It is dreadful when people hog the place to make sure they have a full tank all the time.

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    1. It is because Climate Change protestors have been blocking fuel depots, Peggy. The petrol lorries can’t get out of them in sufficient numbers. (No doubt the protestors drove to the protests though!)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. HI Pete, I read the articles about Boris Johnson’s visit to the Ukraine. I imagine the discovery of mass graves has brought great shame upon the West. But, as you say, let’s hope we don’t now end up with the world at war.

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  5. Perfect β€˜English’ song for a typically English day. I am glad you are again able to enjoy the simple pleasure of driving when needed. When I vertigo was Bd and I could not drive, it was very upsetting. As far as Russia and Ukraine, I wonder if the world can ever exist again without high levels of chaos.

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  6. So glad you’re able to drive again. It’s a freedom I used to take for granted but with gas prices continuing to rise I’m much more appreciative. Ollie sounds like he’s doing well! Englands weather is certainly challenging! πŸ’•C

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  7. I have had to explain to both my boys that the word seasons is not just an expression, but the actual name for 4 quite different weather patterns – we once had. Now days the poor plants are just as confused as my boys.
    Ahh you can’t go past the Kinks. Ray Davies knew how to paint a song.

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  8. Our weather too is bizarre. I feel for everyone over the petrol shortages. I remember back in the 70’s having to get up at the crack of dawn to get on queue at a “gas” station. I was on late shifts then, so it was not appreciated though I was young then and more stoic!

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