Serial Suggestions

I am always open to suggestions for short stories. I have used ‘First Line’ prompts and ‘Photo Prompts’ in the past. Yesterday, I realised that I had never done the same with Fiction Serials.

So I am handing it over to you to suggest themes or topics for my next serial, once ‘A Real Spy Story’ has concluded.

You can add your ideas in the comments, or send them to me at

I cannot promise to attempt every one of them, but I will pick the ones I think I can do a reasonable job with. Let me know if you would like to see your suggestion appear on this blog as a daily serial.

29 thoughts on “Serial Suggestions

  1. “She looked up from the kitchen sink. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the inert body on the floor of the neighbor’s garage before the sliding door blocked the gruesome view. She smiled to herself and returned to her dishes.” Your stories are always good regardless of the subject! I was traveling when you started the last one so I’m looking forward to reading it when you put them all together. xxoo, C

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  2. I like your historic stories (although they are all good)
    Here’s one. “His tombstone read – Dead, but not for long.” Could be a first line, the last line or something in the middle.

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  3. Since you work from the end of your stories, how about a last line instead of a first line? Something like:

    “Stealing the diamonds had not been in her plan any more than killing a man but feeling the Caribbean sun on her face, she knew she could live with both.”

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