Boris’s Gang Goes Too Far

Ever since Boris Johnson and his cronies came to power in Britain in 2019, the record of their government has been appalling.

Corruption was rife during their handling of the pandemic, with friends and former colleagues being paid billions of pounds to supply a track and trace system that failed, PPE that was either unfit for purpose or never delivered, and ventilators paid for that were not even manufactured.

Countless frauds were tolerated on the furlough system and business loans, with billions lost, and now ‘written off’. The rich continued to profit as ordinary people followed the rules.

Next we had the ‘Partygate fiasco’, with government ministers and staff attending numerous parties during lockdown when that was against the law, and some visiting relatives hundreds of miles away, also flouting the law. This week, fines were issued by the Police to many politicians, including the Prime Minister and The Chancellor. Both paid the fines, but refused to resign. This despite the parliamentary ministerial code stating that anyone who lies to parliament and is convicted of a criminal offence must resign.

We have a government moving further to the Far Right in politics week on week, and because of a large electoral majority, they are giving the finger to ordinary people who criticise them. Huge increases in power bills, a high rate of inflation, and so much blatant undisguised corruption, the news media cannot keep pace with reporting it.

Then today, Boris and his gang went too far. They showed the world that Britain is not just governed by Far-Right snobs, but has now become an unapologetic Fascist country.

In future, all illegal immigrants, including asylum seekers and economic migrants hoping for a better life in Europe, will be transported over 6,000 miles by air to Rwanda, in Africa. Yes, you read that right, Rwanda. The country that only last year caused international alarm over its human rights and government corruption. Any illegal immigrants who arrive by sea from France, or by hiding in Trucks on ferries, will be taken directly to Rwanda to be ‘processed’. But even if their claims are found to be genuine, they will not be allowed back into Britain. Instead, they will be ‘resettled’ in Rwanda. Provided with basic accommodation, five years of training for a job, and support with living costs.

All at the cost of the British taxpayer.

Starting with ‘single men’, all illegal immigrants will be detained and flown immediately to Rwanda. Under a ‘partnership agreement’ with that dubious African government, Britain will make a payment up front of £120,000,000, then contribute to ‘infrastructure’, health care, and vocational training for the next five years.

None of those people will ever be allowed back into Britain. They will be expected to ‘make a new life’ in Rwanda.

Worth noting that this does not apply to anyone arriving here from Ukraine, in case you wondered. (I did)

So now we have a Home Secretary, Pritti Patel, herself a descendant of immigrants, standing on a platform in Kigalai (capital of Rwanda) explaining why she thinks this is a good thing for the immigrants, for Britain, and for Rwanda. You really couldn’t make this up. If it was a TV drama, nobody would believe it.

Welcome to Fascist Britain. (Actually you are not welcome, sorry)

Boris did the job that Nazi Germany couldn’t manage.

63 thoughts on “Boris’s Gang Goes Too Far

    1. And it is also racist, as most of those involved come from Africa, (mainly Sudan and Ehiopia) Afghanistan, or Syria. It will not affect ‘white’ illegal immigrants, I am sure.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. They have done a deal with Rwanda that makes me suspect some ‘British Interests’ there will be profiting in due course. The official line is that the prospect of being permanently deported to a central African country will make illegal immigrants stop even trying to get to Britain. Also, those with a genuine case as asylum seekers will realise that they will only ever be ‘resettled’ in Rwanda, making them likely to consider seeking asylum in a country other than the UK. It is blatantly racist, and the use of the term ‘resettlement’ has disturbing echoes of WW2.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Pete, I hear you. Just for record, you never said “Africa was bad.”- You said a lot-based on facts. I did not miss that. I will not elaborate, as we might both be considered “rebels” . . or worse. Just know, . .it does seem that knowledge and sorrow-do seem to go hand in hand, as Byron and Solomon said. I best hush, while I am ahead.-Best wishes, Michele

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  2. As a one-nation Conservative, I am not a fan of Boris Johnson. I did not vote for Brexit and I have a lot of respect for John Major, Dominic Grieve and other Conservatives who have criticriticised Johnson’s position on Brexit and other issues. I think the suggestion of sending asylum seekes to Africa for processing raises concerns. However, your use of “fascist” and “Nazi” are over the top. Both terms are over used and abused. The Nazis murdered around 6 million Jews and other minorities such as gipsies and homosexuals. In addition they began the holacaust with the so-called Action T4 programme under which disabled people where first sterilised and (later) murdered. The present government is no plans to kill immigrants, homosexuals or people with disabilities so I think one needs to be extremely careful before using terms such as “Fascist” and “Nazi”. Best wishes. Kevin

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    1. Thanks, Kevin.
      I referenced the Nazis in relation to Germany and thar country’s desire to occupy Britain and implement their political will here in 1940. But I did openly refer to the present government as Fascist, and I stand by that. What other term better applies to them? This new policy feels like ‘testing the water’ for further repressive (and no doubt corrupt) policies to follow.

      A government that has driven middle-class people into having to use foodbanks, allowed people with good jobs to not be able to afford electricity or heating, made legitimate and peaceful protest illegal, and given lucrative contracts to relatives and friends openly and blatantly.

      Alerted to the sanctions on one particular bank in London before they were introduced, the repulsive Rees-Mogg was able to sell all his shares in it the day before, and transfer the money to an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Yet ‘insider dealing’ on the stock exchange remains punishable by long terms in prison.

      Millionaires have got richer, billionaires even richer, and ordinary working people poorer. That is not a government I want to live under, and not a party I have ever voted for. (For information, I am no fan of Starmer either.)

      Once again my friend, we will have to disagree.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Listening to the answers that politicians gave yesterday as they were interviewed I picked up on a few of the answers:
    Will a Ukrainian refugee or Afghan interpreter be shipped off to Rwanda if they make an illegal crossing?
    Yes, anyone who arrives in Britain illegally will be sent to Rwanda
    Will a gay asylum seeker from Rwanda be sent back to Rwanda?
    I don’t understand the question
    Can you explain how the President managed to get 98% of the vote and can stay in power until 2034 after he made changes to the constitution if Rwanda is a free democratic country?
    No answer and a hasty change of subject.

    How about resourcing the department in charge of processing asylum applications, instead of making people wait up to 3 years for a decision (75% of applications are successful). You wold probably save money in the long run. And, as someone else has suggested, why not then offer training to take up the jobs that seem to be available at the moment in the UK.
    I hope the local elections lead to a boot for Borris and an end to this right wing populism.

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    1. Thanks, Eddy. My biggest fear is that this ‘direct deportation’ policy will actually be well-received by the mix of middle-class and working-class bigots who generally vote Conservative. With Starmer and his bunch offering no real alternative, we could see the Tories do reasonably well in the local elections, and even get back in power in 2024. I’m hoping I am wrong.
      Cheers, Pete.

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      1. There is no denying that right wing populism is very popular 🙂 Who would have thought that the UK would be sharing the same politics as Hungry and Poland (maybe France). I just hope that hope is enough to turn things around 🙂

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  4. Wow. My favorite topic currently. Glad you knocked 😉 I had already written a piece that I have lightly reworked to fit the situation. Hope you enjoy it.

    “You really couldn’t make this up. If it was a TV drama, nobody would believe it”.
    SMIH (Shaking My Incredulous Head). . . You’d think they believe they don’t work for us, Pete!

    But it IS happening and has been happening. And, if the Globalists have their way? It is set to morph into our globally collective new normal.

    1. I usually write on my smartphone – tiny screen, tiny buttons. Annoying. But today, I’m wielding a laptop. Really shouldn’t be allowed a laptop. But it has spell check and associated writing assistance. When I use one I can blaze away like I was engaged in an oral exchange at a pub.
    Apparently, this turned into a ‘two-pint’ response. Sorry. . .

    2. Never been a conspiracy theorist. Far, far from. I’m a numbers and facts guy. A trained problem solver that digs and digs and researches the way out of a mess, and even though these “take over control of the known world” scenarios have played out countless times in history? This is the first time, due to ubiquitous technology (and our blind lust for it), biomedical capabilities, and the dumbing down of the population over the last 75 years by replacing critical thinking and collective thinking approaches with various forms of memorization of facts, little if any conceptualizing and way too little effort spent teaching children to actually think though situations to achieve a solution. Then, add in the impact of devolving social/moral messaging from TV, movies and media, electronic games, etc. that lowered the bar morally, 1st in the west, then globally.
    All of the pieces of the puzzle mentioned above have enabled those that wish to control “everything, everywhere” to now actually be in a position to pull it off. . .

    If that scares you, that’s because it bloody well should! We’d all damn well better get a grip on the absolutely ‘surreal’ reality of it all and start paying attention before it all goes over a cliff for the vast majority of us.

    ‘David Icky’, ‘America’s Front Line Doctors’, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny and so many other global experts that were suppressed and called wackadoodles? Apparently, they were not wackadoodles, and are not crazy as they were all painted to be by the controlled global media. How can they be when everything they said keeps coming true? So you have that.

    They don’t work for us? Nope. Not according to their actions. Right there, right out in the open. And, apparently? They don’t seem to care that we know. Why do you think that is?

    I think the short answer is Because they DON’T WORK FOR US anymore. Could it be any more clear than at this moment in history? I really don’t think so.

    Begs a question, doesn’t it? “Who do they supposedly work for then”?

    They think they work ‘for and with’ the ‘Greater Global Good’ crowd: The Global Elites, best personified as “Klause Schwab/World Economic Forum (WEF)/U.N. leadership, the richest family financial families in the World (They count their global worth in Trillion$, with a ‘T’), the largest investment houses globally, and a huge percentage of the 1,000 largest Global corporations . . .et al.

    They are a clubby little group, all in ~20,000. A club built up of bureaucrats, elected politicians, Global corporate business leaders, Heath experts, Global climatologists, various scientists, high ranking members of G20 Militaries, and of course the richest families on the planet and their affiliates. And the thread through all of it is the WEF Global Leadership program. For aspiring G20 politicians, it is essential to be a graduate of the program. it is a place where privilege and power converge with suitable puppet political wanna-be’s. Together, they are all now linked with the people behind the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, wars going back to at least Napoleon’s conquests, strife, genocide, racial unrest, and. . . soon to be knocking at your door? The full-blown “Great Reset”. Been in motion for quite some time actually.

    But they will be saving the planet. . . That’s sooo, Noble! Oh but wait. . . That involves this nasty multi-step genocide thing. But, though they don’t take unleashing genocide on the mass population lightly, it ‘IS’ necessary so, you know, they are giving themselves a pass. You know ’cause THEY ARE SAVING THE PLANET!
    You and I were not invited to any of the special treehouse meetings so we didn’t know they were planning some upcoming changes like that. Btw, a very unsavory nefarious act from my point of view.

    Who are they? Well, names you might recognize are Macron, Trudeau, and Ardern to name some of the younger political graduates, but let us not forget ‘king pin’ graduates like Mrs. Mirkle and Vladimir Putin that have been helping to groom other ‘fine young cannibals’ to join them in being WEF Young Global Leadership program graduates and take a stake in the World Economic Forum’s charter program to ‘reshape’ the world.

    Go here for a fluffy primer:

    Don’t believe it? Can’t understand why they are doing this? The planet is bursting at the seams with filthy “Useless Eater” humans and their dirty carbon lifestyle. So the Global elites did the maths (their very own ‘special’ maths. . .) and calculated that ~90-95% of us “Useless Eaters” (that’s what they call us all, behind closed doors) have just got to go. . . It is not at all personal: “Chin up then you wretches, get you jab”. Ding! “Next please”. . . all done by ~2050, or close to that date. They have it all worked out. Want to see an entertaining dumbed-down parody of the plan? Watch the 1st Kingsmen movie. . .

    The real version is all in a series of documents referred to generically as “U.N. Agenda 21” and its associated published docs like U.N 30, U.N. 50, etc. They are hiding in plain sight with an agenda of “Sustained Global Development”. . . (to save the PLANET!)
    Find info here below or better yet, I suggest you research it for yourself: or

    And they seem to have it all in hand, not to worry. Oh, except that icky bit where you, I, and ~90-95% of all your global brother and sister “useless eaters” won’t be here in 2075 to laugh about how we simpletons just sat about, believing all of the false flags and silly distractions while sitting in our ‘metaphoric’ simmering pots that they put us in, where we were slowly, ever so slowly boiled to death. What could they do? The ‘planet’ required it. They are heroes for taking brave action. . . Bullocks! Until they are rid of us, they are afraid of us. Especially us gun-toting Yanks.

    It is the ‘agreed to’ plan moving forward for the good of the planet. Noble, plan that. I know I’m 100%, all in on saving our planet. I’m just not willing to walk into a gas chamber scenario to accomplish that.
    My selflessness has boundaries. Dying to secure a clean quiet planet for a few million Global
    Elites and their genocidal accomplices is just past the boundaries of my patience with them.

    Indeed.. .You can’t make this stuff up. Go ahead, ‘round 11:00 PM on a Friday and ring up Boris on his mobile. If he’s not too busy, laughing about it all, he may come to take the phone from one of his lackeys and drunkenly slur a response of “piss off you useless eater! I don’t work for you, silly sod”.

    May I suggest – Resist. Resist Now.

    Cheers, Pete!


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    1. Reading this was like listening to my stepson talking. He has been telling me about the Great Reset since 2017. He makes a lot of sense sometimes, but then unfortunately told me there were nanobots in the vaccine to control my mind and my body movements. 🙂
      My thoughts are that they are not that organised, but just plain nasty. Get a lot of people who are nasty, give them the same rough ideas, and we are where we are in 2022.
      Thanks, Chris.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I’m not on board with the body control hypothesis. But Pete? There has been experimentation with rats on the mind control aspects. That’s real – there are published works on that. And the G. E. Crowd does have a plan for transhumanism as well. They think it is a ‘good’ thing.

        But again, as yet, to my knowledge (tiny as it is in all this. . . They are not opening the vault to their detailed plans) there is no proof nanobot mind or body control elements are in the initial Jab’s. Future Jabs? 😉

        Would they like to have those and other nefarious elements? Hummm. That’s an opinion debate. . .
        Wouldn’t be too hard to encapsulate elements of mRNA that could alter reproductive capabilities, attach specific organs or subdue natural immunity. That is the stuff that scares the Hell out of me considering where biotech/Big Pharma capabilities are at.

        At present we, out here in the dusty parts of the Western Colonies are still allowed those opinion debates. You know, because we are Country Western neanderthals who wear shirts with sayings like “If It Doesn’t Involve Gunpowder Or Gasoline, I’m Out!”, actually drive ‘Off-Road’ vehicles. . . ‘off-road’, and think it is fun to go out in the desert and send a belt of ammo through a WWII German MG42, or every once in a while, practice accurately sending lethal messages in the form of hardened steel that represents disagreement to the idea of genocide, out to a range of mile at ~2900+ fps. 😁

        As such, we’re a pretty scary crowd, all on our own to those that would hide genocide behind the well-meaning and good-hearted tree huggers. . . Which I is one! Yup. The duplicity of the human existence never disappoints! Enjoy your weekend Pete, and keep an eye out for those nasty body control nanobots. I’m guessing they are tougher to get a snap of than a Sasquatch! 😉 🍻 🤠

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      2. I’ve been thinking about your comment, Pete, “that they are not that organized, but just plain nasty”. I struggled with how to respond to that specifically without seeming to be wearing a tinfoil hat.

        To be clear, the “they” I am addressing from your comment is the global cabal of ~80 true insiders (the true Illuminati) and their compromised ~20,000 global enablers. Some, completely aware of their role, but most are not.

        I saw something earlier this morning that I thought would help me to further comment. As I am here on a traction rack having my spine pulled apart for ~ an hour I thought I would address it.

        I did not share my background earlier to you Pete.
        Though I was not at the level of ‘panel sitting talking head’ at our international networking symposiums, I am still ‘very’ familiar with the the details and general specifications of the plan. Which all makes so much more sense now.

        I spent a huge chunk of my career working “with” AT&T, but mostly not ‘for’ AT&T. You could never get anything meaningful done working ‘for’ AT&T, as they had a bureaucracy that exceeded that of government.

        I was specifically partnered with whoever sat in the chair with the title, ‘President of Bell Labs’, the research division that held the actual technology rights in the form of the largest patent portfolio in the world. They were the unquestioned global leader in all things networking and signal technology.

        When the Public Monopoly that was AT&T was broken up in 1985, they spun out Bell Labs, the research arm. I was in part of a group brought in be the thought leaders on how to best monetize the tens of thousands of patents held by Bell Labs. I did this from 1989-2007, then again, with roughly the same set of people, but now compartmentalized in separate quadrants of the same technical universe from 2011-2016.

        My experience and familiarity with where the Illuminati are at currently in their plan leads me to believe they ‘have’ reached a (barely) sufficient level of organizational functionality, currently hindered mostly by the bureaucracy of the information systems of the U.S. military and NATO to get their respective parts of the implantation of the necessary infrastructure syc’d up with the U.S. State Dept, CIA, NSA and FBI capabilities.

        Sadly, Britain is thought to be a lot further along in this area, as is Australia.

        They are not “just plain nasty”. This ~80 person club (up there, in their rarified “Illuminati” air) are in fact a ‘class driven’ egomaniacal sociopathic alliance.

        The short, (considering the topic) article below came across my feed and I though you might find it interesting as it helps to put some form around the genesis and direction of things “Trans-human”.

        The people behind the demise of “our” Britain, and my Western Colonies’ currently being ‘ministetred’ by their puppet Boris and Biden have a plan as I mentioned before, that culminates with ‘Total Control” of the planet through ‘total control’ of the population. All under the published banner (U.N. Agenda 21, WEF planning studies, etc.) of saving the planet. . . from ‘us’.

        The article basically names all the pieces of ubiquitous connectivity necessary to connect everything in what we call the ‘mesh’ network: A web of interconnected Webs. It is real. Once completed, if used nefariously it could eventually be used to control us.
        I am knowledgeable with each of these technologies mentioned as these are technologies we helped to develop. I am also knowledgeable about other technologies not mentioned that are nessasary, such as the implantation of massive class IV data centers to physically manage the capabilities of the mesh.

        For more than a decade, the U. S. Government has been the largest purchaser by far globally of networked, mirrored storage. That should tell you something.

        Lots of good can be derived from this massively powerful mesh network mentioned in this article, but like anything ‘powerful’ it also has the capability to be leveraged for nefarious purposes.

        Consider for a moment that the same bank accounts that are behind footing the bill for this massive technological effort in the private sector also funded the Napoleonic wars and every major conflict since.

        Then factor in the massive costs involved: The rollout of the global 5G cellular network is staggeringly large. Even for the players involved.

        Based on ~ three centuries of history? A good guess is that money isn’t being spent benevolently.

        Cheers, Pete.


        1. Thanks, Chris. I found the comment in Spam. Seems like WP are worried about you!
          I am beginning to wonder now if ‘The Matrix’ was just a far-fetched film after all. On the plus side, I am old enough that I will probably be dead before they manage to fully implement the plans you speak of.
          Best wishes, Pete.


    1. In the 1930s, the Nazis intended to deport all jews to Madagascar. That seemed too expensive and unworkable, so they murdered them instead. I am convinced that Boris is using that model, so let’s hope he doesn’t start thinking about the second part of that plan.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Is this your new serial thriller Pete? It makes a good story. Do you want suggestions for the next episode? umm maybe new palace built in Kigali and Liz retires there or Boris the spider has holiday home there (permanently) with all the parties he can handle with his old Etonians.

    check out the Rwanda flag – same as Ukraine. . .
    NZ has given Boris 7 million pounds towards the Russian invasion to buy weapons which we don’t have.

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    1. Thanks, Gavin. It is a nice gesture from NZ, but 7 million doesn’t buy many anti-tank missiles these days, unfortunately. (Each rocket for the shoulder-fired missile system costs around $85,000, plus $100,000 for the launcher setup. Then again, a Russian tank costs around $4,000,000. So its a good value ratio)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. WE need skilled workers, since Brexit sent so many European workers home. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to reskill immigrants to work here in the UK? Why spend money shipping them to Rwanda? Shouldn’t the government be looking for ways to economise, in view of the cost of living crisis?

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  7. It does seem a bizarre solution to the illegal migrant situation. The one thing that this government is good at is wasting tax payers money. I am shocked by the fraudulent activities carried out under Covid.

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    1. It is a step up from Guantanmo Bay and the southern border cages, but only just. They are paying a third-world country to deal with out First-World problem, then washing their hands of the consequences, like Pontius Pilate.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. Pete I’ve lived in 8 different countries, and in each case I entered legally and with job prospects and enough funds to prove I would not be a burden on that country. Had I not had this, I would have been put on the next flight back to where I’d come from – at my own expense. Also, I followed all the rules, laws and regulations in every place I lived and did not try to insinuate my beliefs and culture over theirs. The Ukranians are women and children, their men are staying to fight and defend their country. They have my complete admiration. People arriving in rubber boats are mostly young healthy men with cell phones who see UK as an easy freeload with hotels, food and pocket money. No wonder they don’t stay in France and Spain as they are not quite as generous. Africa may well offer them a better life, but they will have to work for it. Has anyone asked what would have happened to Great Britain, if all the young men had jumped into boats and paddled to Ireland or Portugal? Then yes, UK would be fascist by now. If only we would all pull together at this dangerous time in history instead of criticizing and mud-slinging. Can’t we help each other instead of being divisive? I support neither political party, but we will never know if the other side could have done any better?

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    1. We have to give asylum seekers the benefit of the doubt, Lucinda. It is the kind and human thing to do. If they are proved wrong, and they often are, they are frequently deported under guard to their country of origin. (Thousands have been) Before Boris, that system seemed to work well-enough. I don’t want to be a part of a heartless Far-Right country. That was never on my life agenda.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  9. My MP [Con] actually deigned to answer a petition letter demanding Johnson’s resignation, asking me to suggest who could succeed him; he had the gall [or stupidity, not sure which] to include Sunak as one of several options. I preferred not to make a recommendation, instead telling him that a general election would be the only honourable solution: I wonder if he’ll reply? 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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    1. I’m still waiting for my Conservative MP to deal with my driving licence, Jon. No doubt he will cite the war in Ukraine as part of the problem with the DVLA.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  10. HI Pete, that is an interesting collaboration. Rwanda is not a bad country, it is considered to be an African success story that has overcome its terrible past. You can read more here: Most African countries are desperate for skilled workers so the idea of reskilling people isn’t a bad one. It would be very helpful in growing the Rwandan economy.

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    1. If people actually want to go there, that’s a very different thing, Robbie. Taking a Syrian refugee from Dover by force and dumping them in East Africa is simply unacceptable to me.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Oh, just the 4-5 dozen ministers with rooms to let, consumables to peddle, educationally related support outfits, trade schools they own, and various infrastructure capabilities. . . Shall we guess a ready capability in the 1st year of ~£120,000,000? 😦

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    1. HI Liz, I have done studies of many African countries and Rwanda is actually quite a progressive country. East Africa isn’t a bad place to live and African countries are desperate for skilled workers to help them grow their economies. I don’t agree with people being forced to relocate to Rwanda but I think it could be offered as a good opportunity for people to resettle in a country that wants and needs them. Africa isn’t as bad as you think and a lot of the African people are very pleasant and nice.

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        1. Yes, and you are right about that. I suppose I was just thinking that when the Irish experienced the famine in Ireland and terrible times they went to America and built new lives. Africa is a place where people could contribute to building something new and great.

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