The Oak Trees: The Saga Continues

Many weeks ago, myself and my neighbour arranged for the trimming of the Oak trees on both properties. He has one at the front next to our one, and the large one in our garden at the back overlooks his house and garden. He is a very fair man, and always happy to evenly split the substantial cost of the work every five years. Not only that, he gets estimates, contacts the Tree Officer at the Council, and agrees on a contractor.

So the work started in March as arranged, on the two trees at the front. We moved all our cars off of the driveways, and over three days, the trees were trimmed back heavliy. A job well-done. However, he was unable to start work on the largest tree at the back, as his rope-climber was going to another job. He said he would come back the following week, using a different climber.

He did that, but after twenty minutes at work he told myself and my neighbour that it was too windy, so dangerous to continue. Then he added that he would be unable to complete the job, as he would not be able to get a climber to work for him for some time, and then he had other committments. During a heated debate with myself, Julie, and our next-door neighbour, the contractor was told that if he walked off the job, he would get no pay for the work already done, and would likely be sued for breach of contract. Additionally, his reputation would be ruined on the Facebook forums where he gets most of his recommendations.

Following that acrimonious exchange, he eventually agreed to employ a different climber, and return at the end of April. They are here today and tomorrow, but so far have cut very little off the large Oak at the back. I am left hoping they will just get the job done and we will not have to suffer another stress-inducing argument later today.

39 thoughts on “The Oak Trees: The Saga Continues

  1. When we needed a tree cut down (a famous Jennie Story), the wind made it so unsafe that the tree almost fell the wrong way. So, I understand your contractor’s point of view. Had he stayed on your job, it might have been the same disaster. He needed to finish the job, of course, but not in high winds.

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    1. We agreed he shouldn’t work in those conditions, but when he tried to use them as an excuse not to come back and finish the job another time, that’s when we got angry. Fortunately, it is all done now, and should last for 6 years.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That makes perfect sense, and it’s as it should be. Thank goodness you are good for at least 6 years. Whew!

        On a side note which you will understand, I went to the registry to renew my driver’s license. Good thing I didn’t have a heart attack. Massachusetts requires every record of proof imaginable. My birth certificate does not list the date it was recorded, so it’s not valid. My utility bills are in Hubby’s name (oh yes, we have to submit those), so those are not valid. I won’t go on, I just wanted you to know you were not alone in your demise. Misery loves company. 🙂

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    1. They usually do, Robbie, especially outside London. But on this occasion, the tree company were poorly organised, and under-staffed. At least it is all finished now, and quite well done too.
      Best wishes, Pete,.

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    1. My neighbour and I did lose our tempers, Don. My wife told him she would destroy his business with bad reviews on social media, and between the three of us, we gave him the ‘London’ treatment. (We are all from there originally) I don’t think he was used to people who are not from Norfolk laying into him relentlessly, so he caved. They have done quite a decent job today, to be fair. They are currently clearing up, and returning tomorrow for the ‘cosmetic trimming’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It is very unusual around here to have someone want to walk away from a job and think he will get paid for half of it. He wasn’t prepared for the roasting we all gave him on the driveway. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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