A Becalmed Blog

You may have noticed that I have yet to start a new serial, and I have not been posting much recently.

I looked up the word ‘Becalmed’ today.

(of a sailing ship) unable to move through lack of wind.
“his ship was becalmed for nine days”

Well I am not a sailing ship, but I have a vision of my blog floating peacefully, awaiting the power of a fair trade wind to get it moving again.

73 thoughts on “A Becalmed Blog

  1. Becalmed sounds rather pleasant. I have been happy trundling along having long ago ditched my regular blogging schedule and not even got around to write a blog explaining why I haven’t written many blogs…

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  2. Oh how I like the sound of “becalmed.” I’ve been traveling and landed just long enough to catch a wink and post a blog. Now I get the pleasure of catching up on my favorite blogs! Oh how I miss your daily musings when I’m away. Carry on when it feels right Pete, until then, enjoy the break! Hugs, C

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    1. Not really a break, Cheryl. More of a ‘lull’. 🙂
      I like the dictionary definition of that too.
      ‘A temporary interval of quiet, or lack of activity.’
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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      1. I haven’t read it yet because I there were a couple on my list you sent that I haven’t read yet. I must have overlooked those because I thought I read them all. A nice surprise though 😁 . Im reading Bundle of Joy 😁😁

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    1. I thought about reblogging that old post, because the feeling is almost identical. But my writing was sometimes a bit too ‘flowery’ back then. 🙂
      (It comes up as ‘related posts’, I know.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. EasyJet to Sunny Portugal would cure what ails you mate, simple as that.
    In lieu of that, watch some older romantic comedies movies set in the Med, the Caribbean or the south seas. Seriously. Can’t hurt.

    All the best to you Pete.

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    1. I couldn’t leave Ollie and go abroad, Chris. He misses me after 10 minutes, let alone a week in Portugal. (Besides, my passport expired in 2016. 🙂 )
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Pete, there are times when I post something I think is interesting and don’t get much traction – few likes, few comments, and I think about all of the blogs that I support, like and comment on – and frankly, it’s makes me reconsider posting at all. One of the bloggers I have supported most over the years suddenly criticized something I posted on a FB page that many of the blogger go to – I have NEVER criticized them, and was surprised and disappointed…which means I am too close to it and need to back off

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    1. It’s strange for me, John. I don’t feel I need a break, and I am putting it down to the weather. I was expecting a sunny May, and instead got dark skies, fluctuating temperatures, and torrential rain today. The weather affects my mood so much since I retired.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I think it means that your creative intuitions are refreshing themselves and will burst forth with renewed vigor after a period of being “Becalmed.”

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