My Driving Licence: An Update

As this seems to be the only thing on my mind at the moment, I thought I would update you with this week’s progress.

Yesterday, I posted the 10-page (5 pages, double sided) form back to the DVLA. This consisted of various medical information about myself, and also full details about my hospital consultant and family doctor.

One page was for me to give permission for the DVLA to approach the hospital consultant, and my own doctor. I had to give also permission for the DVLA to have access to my medical records if both doctors agreed. Just as well there is nothing too embarrasing on there!

Once this goes before their own ‘Driver’s Medical Committee’, the DVLA will then decide whether or not they want to send me for that threatened ‘Independent Eye Test’. One small encouraging paragraph stated, ‘This may not be necessary if your doctors are happy for you to continue to drive with your condition’.
(That condition is Glaucoma, by the way. Almost 500,000 people in the UK have that.)

Now I have to play the waiting game, which could take weeks.

This morning, I received an email reply from my Member of Parliament. This informed me that the DVLA would be sending me out paperwork to complete.

A bit late, but at least he tried…

49 thoughts on “My Driving Licence: An Update

  1. Hi Pete
    Here in Florida we take a routine eye exam upon renewal which is every 7 years. Actually you are allowed to renew by mail once so it could be as long as 14 years between mandatory visits to the Motor Vehicle Bureau. If you fail the eye exam (read the chart – “E!”) a letter from your eye doctor will be necessary. I got the letter last time around 3 years ago.

    Half the old cranks driving in Florida are deaf or half blind!
    PS – I really don’t drive any distance anymore and not out of my own neighborhood. Doctor’s appointments, groceries, drugs and haircuts.

    Best regards

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  2. Some positive movement Pete, worth the effort and wait I’m sure and you can still drive until it all goes through, Impressed your MP actually got back to you.
    Pete two system nil I think

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  3. Talk about overkill! My mom recently renewed her driver’s license here when she was 90 I believe, mainly to have it for identification. All that was required was going in for a new picture, and eye test, same as the rest of us. Still wondering why they’re making it so difficult for you there!

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  4. I don’t wonder that you are preoccupied with all of this. If they devote so much time to every senior person in Britain over their driver’s license….the mind boggles. I feel your frustration!

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    1. Thanks, Lara. It is Kafkaesque bureaucracy gone mad.
      It makes me regret being honest, and declaring I had Glaucioma. Thousands of people never bother to divulge medical conditions, but I was brought up ‘right’.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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