Ollie: Clean And Fresh

After a long wait for a groomer appointment, and a revised day and time, I finally took Ollie for his much-needed bath and claw trim yesterday.

When I picked him up at 5:30 pm, he was so pleased to see me he jumped up excitedly, something he rarely does.

His fur feels sleek and soft, he smells like fresh laundry, and he will be able to run around better without long claws.

All I have to do now is to try keep him out of the river for a few days!

45 thoughts on “Ollie: Clean And Fresh

  1. Dogs always seem so pleased with themselves after a haircut and bath, though I know some will still roll in something disgusting as soon as they get a chance. Best wishes to Ollie.

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  2. Ollie had a wash
    it took so long oh gosh
    He now feels clean
    Pete’s now longer mean
    all he needs is a licence to drive his machine

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