Reblogging this short story from 2016 for new followers since then. The subject matter is probably more relevant than ever.


This is a work of fiction. A short story, of 1450 words.

Donna didn’t set out to become a bully. Trouble is, when you are six inches taller than everyone else in school, and you are wearing size eight shoes by the age of eleven, you know that you are going to stick out, and find it hard to be accepted. That left her with two choices.

One. She could become the school freak.
Two. She could hang around with the pretty girls, and act as their protector.
Donna chose option two.

By the time she was fifteen going on sixteen, Donna looked as old as some of the teachers. And she was taller than most of them as well.
Even the men.
Everyone was a little bit afraid of her too.
Even the boys.

She had got in with Mandy, and the other good-looking girls, as soon as…

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