Last Summer’s Affair – from the Poetry archive

An evocative poem from that great writer, Frank Scarangello.


Laying my head on your stomach
while the sun streamed through the blinds
forming stripes caressing your contours
just for a moment I thought of biting the thighs
of your perfect body.

Your sea green eyes animate Summer
terns and gulls off the starboard bow
your smile raising the waves
structuring the water
billowing the sails of boundless passion.

Tonight I will undress you
still covered in sand
tasting of sweat, salt and Coppertone
remains of a day at the shore
where no one knows, for we two give no clue
while hiding in plain pose.

But  Autumn comes, the Summer’s gone
“it’s time for us to both move on”
just one last kiss, a last caress
it’s time to dress for fall.


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13 thoughts on “Last Summer’s Affair – from the Poetry archive

    1. When I was young, my mum used totake me to the barber and say “Do it like Fabian”. I think she had a crush on him. (I had enough hair for that style at the time.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) So those gritty thighs taste of sweat, salt, and Coppertone? Sounds like a great summer treat!
    (2) I love the imagery in this free verse poem. Though lacking in structure and rhyme, I was alert to the harmony of sounds and a certain rhythmic flow, both of which pleased me very much.

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