Bicycles 🚲

A tribute to cycling, from Fraggle. Great quotes and photos!

fraggle ~ rocking a camera across the Universe

“It would not be at all strange if history came to the conclusion that the perfection of the bicycle was the greatest incident of the nineteenth century.” ~ anonymous

Beamish Museum, England, 2011

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realise fishing is stupid and boring.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Hexam, Northumberland, England 2012

“The bicycle is the most civilised conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remain pure in heart.” ~ Iris Murdoch

Sint Niklaas, Belgium, 2012

“Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” ~ Grant Petersen, American bicycle designer

York, England, 2015

“The bicycle is a just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can…

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31 thoughts on “Bicycles 🚲

  1. I rode my hybrid bike until I reached my late 70s. I would ride it as far as 34 miles in a single day even at that advanced age.

    I usually rode it on a specially-paved bike way that ran along the bank of a local river.

    But one day it became too much for me. I tried my usual ride and came home so exhausted I slept for a long time. I knew it was time to give up my bike at that point so I donated it to a local church rummage sale.

    Do I miss it? Yes!

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  2. Thanks Pete for sharing about the bike
    Those that don’t like them can go for a very long hike
    Walking with Ollie some days Pete may not like
    And when he gets his licence back DVLC will be on strike

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  3. I couldn’t leave a comment on Fraggle’s site because of phone nonsense but this post has specific relevance for me now as I am using my bicycle more from self-imposed necessity 😉 It’ll either keep me fit or kill me 😀 Cheers, Jon.

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  4. Thanks for sharing Fraggle’s interesting article. My wife and I are in tne process of changing to e-bikes []. But I hope thayt I still will be able to ride my “Italian beauty” [].
    Just now we’re planning a 4,000-mile-plus tour to ride some (rail) trails here in the US. We have the goal of bicycling 10+ miles in every state of the US. So far my wife [she started before I moved to the US] has 29, whereas I have 27. The planned trip would add another 9 states total. The “problem” for us to get all the states: those that are still to be done get farther and farther away and thus make longer and longer trips necessary, and, in the case of Alaska and Hawaii, call for flights. But we still have set our minds on finishing.

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    1. Thanks for the interesting link. Not exactly my kind of trails, though. I’m not into mountain biking. I might be bicycling some in Nevada soon, on a different kind of trail, though, near Boulder City, the Historic Railroad Trail or the River Mountain Loop, when I’ll be there to pick up my new e-bike from a company in Pahrump

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