Ray Liotta Dies Aged 67

Sad news today. One of my favourite modern American actors had died suddenly, at a relatively young age.

He was the star of ‘Goodfellas’, one of my favourite films, which featured in my all-time Top Ten.

Many of his other performances were memorable too, including ‘Sin City’, the underrated ‘Narc’, the marvellous ‘Copland’, and ‘Hannibal’. He was in ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘Unlawful Entry’, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Revolver’, and many more.

He was not a ‘thespian’, far from it. But his engaging smile, good looks in his youth, and tough-guy persona often lifted a film that he was in.

I will miss him. But we will always have ‘Goodfellas’.

RIP, Ray Liotta.

55 thoughts on “Ray Liotta Dies Aged 67

  1. Sad news indeed Pete 😦 When I first heard that Ray Liotta died, my heart stopped as If no, that has to be a mistake – sadly it was not 😦 You have mentioned all of the highlights including Goodfellas and Narc (both masterpieces) 🙂 Another one you should mention is Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild as Melanie Griffith’s violent tempered ex-boyfriend.

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  2. Ray had a hard life. But I will miss him too. He was far nicer as an individual than he was in character, that is for sure. I know that for a long time, he would actually visit with people at that iconic front gate to his estate …He had this speaker phone installed there…

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