Gordon’s lawnmower

Another reblog of a short story from 2016.


This is a work of fiction. A short story of 1900 words.

Sonia watched as Gordon struggled to start the thing. His face was red, and he took off his stupid hat, to wipe his brow. He could have got one with an electric start of course, but Alistair at the golf club had recommended this model, so of course he got that one. It wasn’t as if he even needed a ride-on mower. Although the garden was large, the lawn only took up a small part, and it meant that he drove the noisy thing back and forth, adjusting the cut each time. Anything to justify the cost.

She walked around the spacious conservatory, looking out at the man who she was married to. Can it really have been almost forty years? The bloated individual at the end of her gaze couldn’t be more different to the confident young…

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12 thoughts on “Gordon’s lawnmower

      1. I’ve been sharing a few old ones, especially those with videos that were deleted from my original YouTube account, so this put them back up on the site…hope you are going to have a great weekend!

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