Top Ten Films

Back to 2017, and a film post many of you have seen. My main interest in reblogging this is that I have recently reviewed my choices, and I find they still hold good now. New followers might like to see them.


When I first started this blog in 2012, Top Tens were all the rage. Most days, it seemed to me as if there was a Top Ten of everything on the blog. This ranged from the top ten cute cats, to the top ten favourite film stars, through to the top ten favourite places to go in the world, and the top ten best snack foods. Top Ten mania had hit blogging, and could not be avoided.

Not long after I started to write posts about film and cinema, the ‘Top Tenners’ came knocking on my door. They sent me links to their own top tens, and asked to know my own preferences. Who were my favourite actors? My list of best directors? The questions went on and on. The barrage was relentless, for a while. Some blogging sites were even called ‘My Top Ten’, and other variations. These Top…

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Films

  1. I’m not biased, but ‘Lord of the Rings’ would have to be added now. Let me know when you want to come and visit the film sets Pete. A guided tour on offer.

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  2. Went back to see the list again Pete…chock full of masterpieces to be sure, a few I haven’t seen but if they sit aside films like “Blade Runner”, “Goodfellas” and a Peter Greenaway film, well chosen!

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    1. Thanks, John. It took me a long time to arrive at that list, and over the years since, my opinion hasn’t changed. It was Ray Liotta’s death that caused me to revisit this top ten.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I mull over mine as well, especially when someone passes…as with Bo Hopkins, as “The Wild Bunch” is a top 20 for me and “American Graffiti” top 50…ah, here I go down that rabbit hole!

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