Ambulance stories (21)

Another ‘never-viewed’ post, of only marginal interest to anyone. It is also getting a ‘Decade later’ outing today. πŸ™‚


Coming clean

This is not a story about an ambulance call. It is time to come clean, and tell it how it was, for me at least, in those seemingly far-off days.

You may have noticed references, and comments, about what I was like in those days; how I was perceived, and how I presented myself to others. So, here is some background about how I dealt with it all, the type of person that I was, and more importantly, the type of person that I wanted others to believe that I was.

When I joined the London Ambulance Service, I was 28 years old. That was older than the average at the time, although there were older people in my class at Training School. I had been around long enough, to know to keep a little quiet at first, feel the atmosphere, get the lie of the land. It…

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4 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (21)

  1. Thanks for resharing this post. I am not sure if I imagined you this way, but from some of your comments, I had an idea about how you might have behaved, though. I am sure you are fondly remembered by those who really matter.

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    1. I wore two hats, Olga. I was determined to be good at my job, but equally determined to fight the management for better pay and conditions.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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