Ambulance stories (31)

Reblogging this from 2013. Don’t believe everything you see and hear abour resuscitation.


Resuscitation exaggeration.

During my 21 years of operational duties in the London Ambulance Service, I attended a rough average of  5-6 cardiac arrest calls in a 7-shift period; slightly less than one a day. It was not unusual to attend four in one day, then none for three days after. Sometimes, these were following injury, so were hopeless to begin with, but usually they involved elderly people, who had died suddenly, as a result of heart problems and strokes. Occasionally, there would be infant cot deaths, or juvenile drownings, and other less common causes included in this number, but they were rare. My length of service meant that I worked for approximately 1,000 weeks, allowing for holidays and sickness. If I multiply this, by a very conservative estimate, of  just under four per week, then we arrive at a total of 3,750 attempts at resuscitation, during my time there.


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  1. Totally agree with this, Pete. I understand that in an emergency situation where someone otherwise healthy suffers cardiac arrest, CPR may be warranted. However to routinely apply it to every elderly person who.has died, when it’s their time to go is ludicrous! We now have forms here that you fill out in advance to make your wishes known so emergency responders know they don’t need to try to resuscitate someone.

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