55 thoughts on “The Reality Of ‘Open Carry’ Gun Laws In America.

  1. I can’t help by wonder if the staff is obliged to serve them. I wouldn’t feel safe with somebody tooled like that. What if they take offence to something you say or they don’t like what your serve them? Truly scary, Pete.

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  2. Much as we may despair of the way things are going in this country at least we don’t have to deal with this kind of madness. Having to own a gun to feel safe is not normal.

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  3. All joking aside, I wonder how much is being pushed by devotees of the 2nd amendment but fueled by instigators from countries determined to destroy America, Europe and other countries not friendly to place with totalitarianism as a form of government – ie Russia, Iran, N. Korea, and China. I am sure there are others, but these are the primary players . . . Facebook is full of phony groups as are other social media sites.

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    1. You think foreign countries are doing this, and not American gun nuts? Almost 400,000,000 privately owned guns in the USA, more than the population. 90,000,000 guns sold so far in 2022. That is more weapons than most foreign armies have. I can only see Americans buying and using guns in America, not North Koreans or Iranians.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. None of the mentally balanced agree with this behavior. It is just there in your face as a staged pic to incourage opposition to the basic rights allowed under 2A.
    Simple as that.

    You would expect to encounter this behaviour in open carry states about as often as a deranged individual walking about with his genitals exposed, which I have encountered multiple times in San Francisco and LA. But as to the “4 Pistol” packing dweeb? Nope, never encountered anything even close to that, and I live in Arizona where open carry is embraced, and relitvely common. And by “common, I mean I see someone open carrying ~1-2 times every couple-three months.

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  5. “Exactly right, Liz. This is the stark reality of the Second Amendment.”

    Our problem, in the US, is mental illness. This guy, is what you’d call a bonifide gun nut. When I was growing up, 2nd amendment or not, you show up anywhere dressed like that, and you’d wind up being evaluated.

    This guy, whether he has the legal right to carry or not, clearly suffers from narcissism, delusions of grandeur, and a good measure of egotistical psychopathic tendencies.

    Open carry is something I wholly disagree with. There is no need to carry a weapon, especially a long rifle, to your local coffee shop. Or on the street for that matter. It’s a display of dangerous ego.

    Just as law-abiding gun owners can’t seem to make anti-gun advocates, realize that a “Gun Free” zone won’t stop criminals. We can’t seem to convince these egotistical gun nuts, they will be the first target if a criminal enters that business intent on evil. I abhor “open carry”. It’s practiced by those that need an adrenaline rush, at the expense of children and others that may fear firearms.

    Sorry for the soapbox, but people like him, need a padded room. Until we set some standards for mental “normal behavior”, this insanity will continue.

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    1. Thanks for your perspective, Ron. I cannot see any reason why anyone should be allowed to walk around like this in public. In the UK, he would get a mandatory 10 year sentence for carrying a firearm, and be lucky if he wasn’t shot by specialist firearms officers. There are almost 400,000,000 privately owned firearms in the USA. Over 90,000,000 have been sold so far in 2022 alone.
      If that is going to be allowed, then there is no point anyone complaining about mass shootings, random shootings, drive-by shootings, or any other kind of shooting. Mentally ill gun owners or not, the availability of more guns than people is always going to lead to disaster.
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. Allowing anyone to legally carry guns is always going to result in gun deaths. An outdated amendment from the 18th century has no validity in a supposedly civilised society in 2022.
          Best wishes, pete.

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  6. Pete, let me add that we are a very polarized country, and while our “gun mania” is nationwide, it is especially egregious in certain parts of the country…there are more enlightened areas, but gun culture pervades life there as well to a degree

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        1. What the hell was he about, John? Isn’t one gun enough anymore? If he flips out one day, he has around 100 rounds carried on his person in the pistols and spare magazines. He doesn’t need an assault rifle to potentially kill 60-80 people. I despair, I really do.
          Best wishes, Pete.


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