Historical Norfolk In Photos

Closer to home for me these days, some great history can be seen in the county that contains Beetley.

Kings Lynn.
During the 14th century, this West Norfolk town was the most important port in all of England. Some of the historic dockside has been resored.

Central Norwich.
The old part of the city has remained the same since the Elizabethan age. These photos are modern, it still looks the same today.

Bickling Hall.
The stately home where Anne Boleyn was born in 1501. The house as it is shown here was mainly built in 1616, by Sir Henry Hobart. It is now managed by The National Trust, and open to visitors.

Oxburgh Hall.
A moated country house, built by in 1482 by Sir Edmund Bedingfield, and later crenellated. He was a supporter of the Yorkists during the Wars of The Roses. Now managed by The National Trust, and open to visitors.

St Benet’s Abbey.
Close to the east coast near Great Yarmouth, this dates from 1022, at the time of King Harold Godwinson who was killed in 1066 at The Battle of Hastings. Sir John Fastoff (Shakespeare’s Falstaff) was buried here.

41 thoughts on “Historical Norfolk In Photos

  1. One of my daughters used to live in Hunstanton and I have a friend who lives in Oulton Broads…I love Norwich and all the surrounding areas…Great images, Pete I am going to try to make a visit up that way while I am in the Uk 🙂 x

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  2. I wish the English would sell their nation’s beauty more.
    They’re only proud of its people history, sport & royalty – but the landscapes get put down. We think of England as terraced houses and arguments in pubs via soapies.
    Looking back I saw only a small amount of England. But the canals, the quaint villages, the original cobblestoned roads, the castles, old ruins, lovely easy walks and some beaches with the squawking seagulls . . .
    In London, not a nicer place to visit than Barnes, walking around the pond aand along the river from Mortlake to Putney, the wetland, . . . and
    and I never visited Norfolk

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    1. Norfolk and East Anglia have a lot to offer, Gavin. And outside of Norwich and Kings Lynn there is not much traffic. Large areas of this county are completely unspoilt.
      Cheers, Pete.


    1. As well as that area, there is also the Norman Castle, the famous Cathedral, and Roman and medieval walls. The riverside area is very attractive too.
      Cheers, Pete.


  3. (1) Those winding streets that have survived from the Elizabethan age are so inviting! I hope they’re never unwound.
    (2) I’ve always been drawn (like a drawbridge over a moat) to castles with a moat, no matter how remote the castle.

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